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Angus Stone, Julia Stone, Ian Pritchett, Rick Rubin, Fran Healy


Discographie Singles

Big Jet PlaneFlock05/04/2010
And The BoysFlock02/05/2011
Let You Break (William Fitzsimmons feat. Julia Stone)Neu Grönland16/05/2011
Grizzly BearVertigo / Capitol07/07/2014
A HeartbreakAmerican / Republic03/11/2014
Discographie Albums - Studio

A Book Like This (Angus and Julia Stone)EMI10/09/2007
Heart Full Of WineCapitol2007
Down The WayFlock15/03/2010
Memories Of An Old FriendDiscograph08/12/2012
Broken HornsDiscograph05/11/2013
Angus & Julia StoneVertigo / Capitol01/08/2014
Discographie Albums - Box

Stone BoxDiscograph14/11/2011
Discographie Albums - Misc

Chocolates & CigarettesIndepediente26/08/2006
Singles - Ultratop
Big Jet Plane07/05/2011235
Grizzly Bear16/08/2014491
A Heartbreak10/01/2015Tip: 41 
Albums - Ultratop
Down The Way15/01/2011487
Angus & Julia Stone16/08/2014438

Chansons de Angus & Julia Stone

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A Book Like This (Angus And Julia Stone)
A Heartbreak
All Of Me
All This Love
And The Boys
And The Boys [version française]
Another Day (Angus and Julia Stone)
Bella (Angus and Julia Stone)
Big Jet Plane
Black Crow
Chocolates And Cigarettes
Crash + Burn
Death Defying Arts
Do Without
Draw Your Swords
Fooled Myself
For You
Four Seasons In One Day (Paul Kelly And Angus Stone)
From The Stalls
Get Home
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear (Lakechild Remix)
Heart Beats Slow
Heart Full Of Wine
Here We Go Again (Angus and Julia Stone)
Hold On
Hollywood (Angus and Julia Stone)
Horse And Cart (Angus and Julia Stone)
I'm Not Yours
I'm Yours
Jewels And Gold (Angus and Julia Stone)
Just A Boy (Angus and Julia Stone)
Let You Break (William Fitzsimmons feat. Julia Stone)
Let's Forget All The Things That We Say (Julia Stone feat. Benjamin Biolay)
Little Bird
Little Whiskey
Living On A Rainbow
Lonely Hands
Love Will Take You
Main Street
Mango Tree
My Malakai
My Word For It
Old Friend
On The Road
Other Things
Paper Aeroplane
Please You
Private Lawns
Sadder Than You
Santa Monica Dream
Say It Right
Silver Coin (Angus and Julia Stone)
Soldier (Angus and Julia Stone)
Stranger (Angus and Julia Stone)
Take You Away
The Beast (Angus and Julia Stone)
The Devil's Tears
Walk It Off
Wasted (Angus and Julia Stone)
What You Wanted
Wherever You Are
Wooden Chair
Yellow Brick Road
You're The One That I Want

Albums de Angus & Julia Stone

A Book Like This (Angus and Julia Stone)
Angus & Julia Stone
Broken Horns
Chocolates & Cigarettes
Down The Way
Down The Way / Memories Of An Old Friend
Heart Full Of Wine
iTunes Live From Sydney
Live 2014
Memories Of An Old Friend
Red Berries
Stone Box

Les chansons les mieux notées de Angus & Julia Stone

Les chansons avec 5 reviews ou plus sont dans cette liste.
Walk It Off64.33
Mango Tree64.33
And The Boys184.17
Paper Aeroplane194.16
Grizzly Bear224.05
Wasted (Angus and Julia Stone)104
Hold On84
Four Seasons In One Day (Paul Kelly And Angus Stone)64
Just A Boy (Angus and Julia Stone)54
For You63.83

Les chansons les plus connues de Angus & Julia Stone

Les chansons avec 5 reviews ou plus sont dans cette liste.
Big Jet Plane473.38
Grizzly Bear224.05
Paper Aeroplane194.16
And The Boys184.17
Heart Beats Slow133.77
A Heartbreak113.64
Wasted (Angus and Julia Stone)104
The Beast (Angus and Julia Stone)103.5
Hold On84
You're The One That I Want83.75

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