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Discografie Singles

Can't Help Thinking About Me (David Bowie with The Lower Third)PYE14/01/1966
Do Anything You SayPYE31/03/1966
I Dig EverythingPYE12/08/1966
Rubber BandDeram02/12/1966
The Laughing GnomeDeram14/04/1967
Love You Till TuesdayDeram14/07/1967
Space OddityPhilips11/07/1969
Ragazzo solo, ragazza solaRCA Victor26/02/1970
The Prettiest StarMercury06/03/1970
Memory Of A Free FestivalMercury12/06/1970
All The MadmenMercury01/12/1970
Holy HolyMercury15/01/1971
ChangesRCA Victor07/01/1972
StarmanRCA Victor14/04/1972
John, I'm Only DancingRCA Victor30/08/1972
The Jean GenieRCA Victor24/11/1972
Drive-In SaturdayRCA Victor06/04/1973
TimeRCA Victor13/04/1973
Life On Mars?RCA Victor22/06/1973
The Man Who Sold The WorldRCA Victor29/06/1973
Let's Spend The Night TogetherRCA Victor07/07/1973
SorrowRCA Victor28/09/1973
AmsterdamRCA Victor28/09/1973
Rebel RebelRCA Victor15/02/1974
Rock 'n' Roll SuicideRCA Victor11/04/1974
Diamond DogsRCA Victor17/05/1974
Rock 'N' Roll With Me (Live)RCA Victor09/1974
Knock On WoodRCA Victor13/09/1974
1984RCA Victor07/10/1974
Changes (Live)RCA Victor07/11/1974
Young AmericansRCA Victor21/02/1975
The London BoysDecca05/1975
FameRCA Victor25/07/1975
Golden YearsRCA Victor21/11/1975
Station To StationRCA Victor23/01/1976
TVC 15RCA Victor30/04/1976
Suffragette CityRCA Victor09/07/1976
StayRCA Victor17/07/1976
Sound And VisionRCA Victor11/02/1977
Be My WifeRCA Victor27/06/1977
HeroesRCA Victor23/09/1977
HeldenRCA Victor07/10/1977
Heroes (chanté en français)RCA Victor07/10/1977
Heroes/HeldenRCA Victor07/10/1977
Beauty And The BeastRCA Victor06/01/1978
Soul Love (Live)RCA Victor28/09/1978
Breaking Glass (Live)RCA Victor06/10/1978
Star (Live)RCA Victor03/01/1979
Boys Keep SwingingRCA Victor27/04/1979
D.J.RCA Victor29/06/1979
YassassinRCA Victor07/1979
Look Back In AngerRCA Victor20/08/1979
John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)RCA Victor07/12/1979
Alabama SongRCA Victor15/02/1980
Ashes To AshesRCA Victor08/08/1980
It's No Game (Part 1)RCA Victor03/10/1980
FashionRCA Victor31/10/1980
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)RCA02/01/1981
Up The Hill BackwardsRCA Victor03/1981
Crystal JapanRCA Victor24/03/1981
Wild Is The WindRCA Victor07/10/1981
Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)EMI26/10/1981
Baal's HymnRCA Victor12/02/1982
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)MCA13/04/1982
Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy (David Bowie & Bing Crosby)RCA Victor30/11/1982
Let's DanceEMI America17/03/1983
China GirlEMI America05/05/1983
Modern LoveEMI America13/09/1983
White Light / White HeatRCA Victor07/10/1983
Without YouEMI America13/12/1983
Blue JeanEMI24/09/1984
This Is Not America (David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group)EMI America28/01/1985
Loving The AlienEMI America13/05/1985
Dancing In The Street (David Bowie And Mick Jagger)EMI America01/08/1985
Absolute BeginnersVirgin24/03/1986
UndergroundEMI America06/1986
When The Wind BlowsVirgin27/10/1986
Magic DanceEMI America1986
Day-In Day-OutEMI06/03/1987
Time Will CrawlEMI18/06/1987
Never Let Me DownEMI America07/08/1987
Too DizzyEMI America1987
Tonight (Live) (Tina Turner & David Bowie)Capitol1988
Under The God (Tin Machine)EMI1989
Fame 90EMI26/03/1990
Growin' UpRykodisc1990
Sound + Vision (David Bowie vs. 808 State)Tommy Boy1991
Real Cool WorldWarner08/1992
Jump They SayArista03/1993
Black Tie White Noise (David Bowie feat. Al B. Sure!)Arista06/1993
Miracle GoodnightArista10/1993
The Buddha Of Suburbia (David Bowie feat. Lenny Kravitz)Arista19/11/1993
The Hearts Filthy LessonRCA09/1995
Strangers When We MeetRCA17/11/1995
Ziggy Stardust (Live)Griffin1995
Hallo SpaceboyArista19/02/1996
Telling LiesArista04/11/1996
Little WonderArista27/01/1997
Dead Man WalkingRCA14/04/1997
Seven Years In TibetArista18/08/1997
I'm Afraid Of AmericansVirgin14/10/1997
Pallas Athena (Live) (Tao Jones Index)BMG1997
I Can't ReadZYX09/02/1998
Thursday's ChildVirgin20/09/1999
Under Pressure (Rah Remix) (Queen + David Bowie)Parlophone12/1999
The Pretty Things Are Going To HellVirgin1999
Slow BurnISO / Columbia03/06/2002
Everyone Says 'Hi'ISO / Columbia16/09/2002
I've Been Waiting For YouISO / Columbia10/2002
Never Get OldISO / Columbia09/2003
New Killer StarColumbia29/09/2003
Just For One Day (Heroes) (David Guetta vs. Bowie)Virgin / Gum2003
Rebel Never Gets OldColumbia14/06/2004
Arnold Layne (David Gilmour / David Bowie / Richard Wright)EMI26/12/2006
Golden Years (David Bowie vs. KCRW)EMI03/06/2011
Where Are We Now?ISO / Columbia07/01/2013
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)ISO / Columbia25/02/2013
The Next DayISO / Columbia13/05/2013
Valentine's DayISO / Columbia15/07/2013
Sound And Vision 2013Parlophone07/10/2013
Love Is LostISO / Columbia28/10/2013
'Tis A Pity She Was A WhoreISO / Parlophone10/11/2014
Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)ISO / Parlophone14/11/2014
★ [Blackstar]ISO / Columbia20/11/2015
LazarusISO / Columbia21/12/2015
I Can't Give Everything AwayISO / Columbia11/04/2016
No PlanISO / Columbia24/10/2016
Lady StardustParlophone08/01/2017

Discografie Albums - Studio

David BowieDeram02/06/1967
Space OddityPhilips04/11/1969
The Man Who Sold The WorldMercury09/04/1971
Hunky DoryRCA Victor17/12/1971
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From MarsRCA Victor06/06/1972
Aladdin SaneRCA Victor13/04/1973
PinupsRCA Victor19/10/1973
Diamond DogsRCA Victor24/04/1974
Young AmericansRCA Victor07/03/1975
Station To StationRCA Victor23/01/1976
LowRCA Victor14/01/1977
HeroesRCA Victor14/10/1977
LodgerRCA Victor18/05/1979
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)RCA Victor12/09/1980
David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's "Baal"RCA Victor02/1982
Let's DanceEMI14/04/1983
Never Let Me DownEMI27/04/1987
Tin Machine (Tin Machine)EMI22/05/1989
Tin Machine II (Tin Machine)Victory / London02/09/1991
Black Tie White NoiseArista05/04/1993
The Buddha Of SuburbiaArista08/11/1993
1. OutsideArista25/09/1995
Eart hl i ngArista03/02/1997
HeathenISO / Columbia07/06/2002
RealityISO / Columbia15/09/2003
Glass SpiderEMI22/06/2007
Excerpts From OutsideMusic On Vinyl30/03/2012
The Next DayISO / Columbia08/03/2013
★ [Blackstar]ISO / Columbia08/01/2016
Cracked Actor - Live Los Angeles '74Parlophone22/04/2017
Under The MoonlightCoda15/12/2017

Discografie Albums - Live

David LiveRCA Victor29/10/1974
StageRCA Victor08/09/1978
An Evening With David BowieRCA Victor1978
Rock ConcertRCA Victor1979
Bowie At The Beeb - The Best Of The BBC Radio Sessions 68-72EMI25/09/2000
Live Santa Monica '72EMI27/06/2008
VH1 StorytellersEMI03/07/2009
Live In Cleveland-1977 (Iggy Pop feat. David Bowie)Golden Core24/07/2009
Glass Spider LiveVinyl Passion15/01/2010
A Reality TourEpic22/01/2010
Sister Midnight - Live At The Agora (Iggy & Ziggy)Store For Music08/04/2011
Birthday Celebration - Live In NYC (David Bowie & Friends)Immortal26/04/2011
Hello Cleveland - Live! (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)Rockborn04/10/2013
Day In Day Out - Radio Broadcast, Australia 1987Laser07/08/2015
Sister Midnight - Live At The Opera (Iggy & Ziggy)Let Them Eat Vinyl21/08/2015
We Prick You - Radio Broadcast 1995 (Nine Inch Nails feat. David Bowie)Laser29/01/2016
Back In Anger: The 1995 Radio Transmissions (Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie)Parachute25/11/2016
London 1983X Rock09/12/2016
Live Nassau Coliseum '76Parlophone10/02/2017
Mantra Studios Broadcast 1977 (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)Parachute28/04/2017
Berlin In TokyoCoda19/05/2017
Across The Ether (Bowie And His Guests)Coda19/05/2017
Ziggy's Last Floor Show (Bowie And His Guests)Coda19/05/2017
Industrial Collaborations (Bowie and Nine Inch Nails)Coda19/05/2017
The Ohio Shuffle (Iggy Pop & David Bowie)Parachute20/10/2017
We Could Be Heroes - The Legendary BroadcastsCoda03/11/2017
Sounds & Visions - The Legendary BroadcastsCoda03/11/2017

Discografie Albums - Soundtrack

Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (Soundtrack / David Bowie)RCA Victor1981
Ziggy Stardust - The Motion PictureRCA Victor07/10/1983
Labyrinth (Soundtrack / David Bowie / Trevor Jones)Capitol01/09/1986

Discografie Albums - Musical

The Continuing Story Of Major TomRCA1980
Lazarus (Musical / David Bowie and Enda Walsh)ISO / Columbia21/10/2016

Discografie Albums - Best Of

Man Of Words, Man Of MusicMercury04/11/1969
The World Of David BowieDecca1970
Starting PointLondon1977
The Best Of BowieK-tel15/12/1980
ChangestwobowieRCA Victor1981
Historia de la Musica Rock 4Decca1981
Golden YearsRCA Victor1983
RareRCA Victor1983
Die weisse Serie: Extra-AusgabeDecca1983
Love You Till TuesdayMetronome01/05/1984
Fame And FashionRCA Victor1984
ChangesbowieSound Vision16/03/1990
Early On (1964-1966)Rhino1991
The Singles CollectionEMI08/11/1993
The Deram Anthology 1966-1968Deram / Decca09/06/1997
The Best Of David Bowie 1969/1974EMI31/10/1997
The Best Of David Bowie 1974/1979EMI23/04/1998
Best Of BowieEMI18/10/2002
The CollectionEMI Gold27/05/2005
The Platinum CollectionEMI11/11/2005
I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye SinglesCastle19/01/2007
The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987EMI16/03/2007
Best Of Bowie & Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - The Motion PictureEMI24/10/2008
Nothing Has Changed. The Very Best Of BowieParlophone14/11/2014
A New Career In A New Town [1977-1982]Parlophone29/09/2017

Discografie Albums - Box

Rock-GalaxyRCA Victor1980
David Bowie BoxISO / Columbia30/11/2007
Diamond Dogs / Scary Monsters / HeroesEMI11/09/2009
Heroes + LodgerEMI11/09/2009
Low + Young AmericansEMI11/09/2009
Outside + HeathenSony13/09/2010
Station To Station - Deluxe EditionEMI24/09/2010
Space Oddity + The Man Who Sold The WorldEMI09/09/2011
Original Album Classics: Outside / Earthling / Hours...Columbia / Legacy06/01/2012
Live In Santa Monica 1972 + Aladdin SaneEMI20/07/2012
Zeit! 77-79EMI03/05/2013
Five Years [1969-1973]Parlophone25/09/2015
Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976]Parlophone23/09/2016

Discografie Albums - Misc

London BoyKarussell08/07/1996
The Sacred Triangle (Bowie Iggy & Lou)Audioglobe19/11/2010
Funtime (Iggy Pop feat. David Bowie)Collector's Dream31/08/2012
Sound + VisionParlophone19/09/2014
Space Oddity - F.M. Broadcast 1983 (David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan)Laser26/02/2016
In Memory Of David BowieLaser22/04/2016
Conversations In SpaceSaturn10/06/2016
The Collaborator - The Legandary Broadcast CollaborationsCoda15/09/2017
From Station To Station - The Legendary BroadcastsCoda15/12/2017

Discografie Albums - Hörspiel

The LowdownAudioglobe19/07/2013

Discografie Albums - Hörbuch

Serge Prokoffieff Peter And The Wolf (Narator David Bowie)RCA02/03/1978

Discografie Albums - DVD

Serious MoonlightEMI10/03/2006
Bowie In The '70sChrome Dreams26/09/2008
Serious Moonlight [2011]Starlight21/01/2011
Bowie In BerlinCRD13/04/2012
Rare And Unseen - The Rare And Unseen CollectionWienerworld28/03/2013
A Reality TourColumbia17/05/2013
IconicTime Zone06/05/2016
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