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Discografie Singles

Vallťe de larmesClub Tools09/02/1994
Hyper HyperClub Tools26/05/1994
Move Your Ass!Club Tools01/1995
FriendsClub Tools06/04/1995
Endless SummerClub Tools26/07/1995
Back In The U.K.Club Tools14/11/1995
Let Me Be Your ValentineClub Tools29/02/1996
Rebel YellClub Tools09/05/1996
I'm RavingClub Tools19/09/1996
Break It UpClub Tools21/11/1996
FireClub Tools27/03/1997
The Age Of LoveClub Tools08/08/1997
No FateClub Tools01/12/1997
How Much Is The Fish?Club Tools08/06/1998
We Are The GreatestClub Tools1998
Call Me MaŮanaClub Tools01/1999
Faster Harder ScooterClub Tools23/08/1999
Fuck The MillenniumClub Tools23/11/1999
I'm Your PusherSheffield Tunes30/05/2000
She's The SunSheffield Tunes21/08/2000
Posse - I Need You On The FloorSheffield Tunes21/05/2001
Aiii Shot The DJSheffield Tunes13/08/2001
Ramp! (The Logical Song)Sheffield Tunes10/12/2001
NessajaSheffield Tunes08/04/2002
Nessaja (3A.M.)Kontor2002
Weekend!Sheffield Tunes24/02/2003
The NightSheffield Tunes26/05/2003
Maria (I Like It Loud)Sheffield Tunes11/08/2003
Jigga Jigga!Sheffield Tunes08/12/2003
Shake That!Sheffield Tunes04/10/2004
One (Always Hardcore)Sheffield Tunes20/12/2004
SuavementeSheffield Tunes07/03/2005
Hello! (Good To Be Back)Sheffield Tunes14/10/2005
Apache Rocks The Bottom!Sheffield Tunes30/12/2005
Behind The CowSheffield Tunes19/01/2007
Lass uns tanzenSheffield Tunes23/03/2007
StrippedSheffield Tunes06/08/2007
The Question Is What Is The QuestionSheffield Tunes10/08/2007
And No MatchesSheffield Tunes23/11/2007
Jumping All Over The WorldSheffield Tunes01/02/2008
I'm LonelySheffield Tunes18/04/2008
Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Scooter vs. Status Quo)Sheffield Tunes26/09/2008
Beweg Dein Arsch (Sido's Hands On Scooter feat. Kitty Kat & Tony D.)Sheffield Tunes28/11/2008
J'adore hardcoreSheffield Tunes14/08/2009
Ti sentoSheffield Tunes02/10/2009
The Sound Above My HairSheffield Tunes27/11/2009
Stuck On ReplaySheffield Tunes12/03/2010
Friends TurboSheffield Tunes15/04/2011
The Only OneSheffield Tunes27/05/2011
David Doesn't EatSheffield Tunes14/10/2011
C'est bleu (Scooter feat. Vicky Leandros)Sheffield Tunes02/12/2011
It's A Biz (Ain't Nobody)Sheffield Tunes23/03/2012
04:00:00Sheffield Tunes07/09/2012
Army Of HardcoreSheffield Tunes02/11/2012
Bigroom Blitz (Scooter feat. Wiz Khalifa)Sheffield Tunes23/05/2014
Today (Scooter and Vassy)Sheffield Tunes26/09/2014
Can't Stop The HardcoreSheffield Tunes05/12/2014
Radiate (Scooter And Vassy)Sheffield Tunes29/05/2015
RiotSheffield Tunes04/09/2015
Bora! Bora! Bora!Sheffield Tunes26/05/2017
My Gabber (Scooter & Jebroer)ROQ 'N Rolla / Cloud 9 / Sheffield Tunes / Kontor29/08/2017

Discografie Albums - Studio

... And The Beat Goes On!Club Tools31/01/1995
Our Happy HardcoreClub Tools26/03/1996
Wicked!Club Tools24/10/1996
Age Of LoveClub Tools27/08/1997
No Time To ChillClub Tools20/07/1998
Back To The Heavyweight JamClub Tools27/09/1999
SheffieldSheffield Tunes26/06/2000
We Bring The Noise!Sheffield Tunes11/06/2001
The Stadium Techno ExperienceSheffield Tunes31/03/2003
Mind The GapSheffield Tunes08/11/2004
Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?Sheffield Tunes04/11/2005
The Ultimate Aural OrgasmSheffield Tunes09/02/2007
Jumping All Over The WorldSheffield Tunes30/11/2007
Under The Radar Over The TopSheffield Tunes02/10/2009
The Big Mash UpSheffield Tunes14/10/2011
Music For A Big Night OutSheffield Tunes02/11/2012
The Fifth ChapterSheffield Tunes26/09/2014
AceSheffield Tunes05/02/2016
Scooter ForeverSheffield Tunes01/09/2017

Discografie Albums - Live

Encore - Live And DirectSheffield Tunes07/06/2002
Excess All AreasSheffield Tunes02/06/2006
Live In HamburgSheffield Tunes07/05/2010

Discografie Albums - Best Of

The Singles 94/98 - Rough And Tough And DangerousClub Tools07/01/1998
Push The Beat For This Jam (The Singles 98-02)Sheffield Tunes14/01/2002
24 Carat GoldSheffield Tunes 04/11/2002
The Very Best OfSheffield Tunes / ARS20/08/2010
20 Years Of HardcoreSheffield Tunes11/10/2013
100% Scooter - 25 Years Wild & WickedSheffield Tunes15/12/2017

Discografie Albums - DVD

Encore (The Whole Story)Sheffield Tunes2002
The Complete Video CollectionSheffield Tunes11/10/2013
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