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1927All The People1988Producer
1927Compulsory Hero1988Producer
1927Don't Forget Me1990Producer
1927Final Split1990Producer
1927Give The Kid A Break1988Producer
1927If I Could1988Producer
1927Not Talking1988Producer
1927Nothing In The Universe1988Producer
1927Propaganda Machine1988Producer
1927Tell Me A Story1990Producer
1927That's When I Think Of You1988Producer
1927The Mess1988Producer
1927The Other Side1990Producer
1927To Love Me1988Producer
1927You'll Never Know1988Producer
Ace Of BaseDon't Go Away1998Producer
Ace Of BaseI Pray1998Producer
Ace Of BaseMercy Mercy1998Producer
Ace Of BaseMercy, Mercy1999Producer
Air SupplyBelieve In The Supernatural1979Producer
Air SupplyBeliever1979Producer
Air SupplyBring Out The Magic1978Producer
Air SupplyGive Me Love1979Producer
Air SupplyI Don't Want To Lose You1979Producer
Air SupplyI Just Like The Feeling1979Producer
Air SupplyJust Another Woman1978Producer
Air SupplyLooking Out For Something Outside1979Producer
Air SupplyLost In Love1979Producer
Air SupplyMore Than Natural1979Producer
Bang The DrumBack Tomorrow1989Producer
Bang The DrumOnly You1989Producer
Bang The DrumPassion1990Producer
Brooke McClymontI Don't Think, I Know2002Producer
Chris MorrowBig Money1987Producer
Chris MorrowJust What I Needed1987Producer
Deep Blue SomethingBecoming Light1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingByzantium1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingCherry Lime Rickey1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingDaybreak And A Candle End1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingDr. Crippen1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingEnough To Get By1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingEverything1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingHell In Itself1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingLight The Fuse1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingParkbench1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingPullman, Washington1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingShe Is1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingSo Precious1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingTonight1998Producer
Deep Blue SomethingWilliam H. Bonney1998Producer
Electric Pandas20 Revolutionaries1985Producer
Electric PandasItalian Boys1985Producer
Electric PandasJohnny1985Producer
Electric PandasMissing Me1985Producer
GyanBlack Wedding Ring1990Producer
GyanHead Over Heels1990Producer
GyanIt's Alright Producer
GyanRooms By The Sea1992Producer
GyanSomething's Gotta Give1992Producer
Hoodoo GurusBittersweet1985Producer
Hoodoo GurusBring The Hoodoo Down1985Producer
Hoodoo GurusDeath Defying1985Producer
Hoodoo GurusLike Wow - Wipeout!1985Producer
Hoodoo GurusMars Needs Guitars!1985Producer
Hoodoo GurusWaking Up Tired1996Producer
InvertigoChances Are...2001Producer
James Reyne & Lin BuckfieldR.O.C.K. - Rock1985Producer
James Reyne & Lin BuckfieldUnder My Thumb
Coverversie van The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
Jimmy BarnesNever Give You Up1997Producer
Kate AlexaAlways There2004Producer
Mark EdwardsMoonbeam1985Producer
Mark EdwardsWorlds Away1985Producer
Martin PlazaBest Foot Forward1986Producer
Martin PlazaConcrete And Clay
Coverversie van Unit 4+2 - Concrete And Clay
Martin PlazaI Could Be So Good1986Producer
Martin PlazaNew Suit1986Producer
Martin PlazaRollerina1986Producer
Moving PicturesWhat About Me1982Producer
Ol' 55Doin' Fine1976Producer
Ol' 55Looking For An Echo1976Producer
Ol' 55On The Prowl1976Producer
Ol' 55This Little Girl1976Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Billy ThorpeBad About You2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Darren HayesLift Me Up2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & David CampbellI Will Be Right Here2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Human NatureI Love You Crazy2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Jimmy LittleHappy Day2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Johnny O'KeefeI'm Counting On You2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Keith UrbanSunburned Country2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Michael McDonaldAct Of Faith2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Peter AllenTenterfield Saddler2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Richard MarxNever Far Away2002Producer
Olivia Newton-John & Tina ArenaI'll Come Runnin'2002Producer
QEDEverywhere I Go1983Producer
Savage GardenA Thousand Words1997Producer
Savage GardenAll Around Me1997Producer
Savage GardenBreak Me Shake Me1997Producer
Savage GardenCarry On Dancing1997Producer
Savage GardenFire Inside The Man1996Producer
Savage GardenI Want You1996Producer
Savage GardenI Want You '981998Producer
Savage GardenMemories Are Designed To Fade1996Producer
Savage GardenMine (And You Could Be)1997Producer
Savage GardenPromises1997Producer
Savage GardenSanta Monica1996Producer
Savage GardenTears Of Pearls1997Producer
Savage GardenTo The Moon And Back1996Producer
Savage GardenTruly Madly Deeply1997Producer
Savage GardenUniverse1997Producer
Savage GardenViolet1997Producer
SoulDecisionBaby Come Back2000Producer
SoulDecisionFeelin' You2000Producer
SoulDecisionI Don't Need Anyone2000Producer
SoulDecisionLet's Do It Right2000Producer
SoulDecisionNext Time2000Producer
SoulDecisionNo One Does It Better2000Producer
SoulDecisionOnly In My Mind2000Producer
SoulDecisionOoh It's Kinda Crazy1998Producer
The Aliens [AU]Confrontation1979Producer
The Celtic TenorsCalypso
Coverversie van John Denver - Calypso
The Celtic TenorsForever Young
Coverversie van Bob Dylan - Forever Young
The Celtic TenorsFrom Here To The Moon And Back
Coverversie van Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson and Jeremy Jordan feat. The Pacashau Sacred Divinity Choir - From Here To The Moon And Back
The Celtic TenorsHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Coverversie van Bee Gees - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
The Celtic TenorsI Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Coverversie van Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love
The Celtic TenorsIn My Daughter's Eyes
Coverversie van Martina McBride - In My Daughter's Eyes
The Celtic TenorsLove Song
Coverversie van Lesley Duncan - Love Song
The Celtic TenorsShe Was Beautiful
Coverversie van Stanley Myers - Cavatina
The Celtic TenorsSometimes A Prayer Will Do
Coverversie van Secret Garden - Hymn To Hope
The Celtic TenorsSomewhere
Coverversie van Reri Grist & Ensemble - Somewhere (Ballet)
The Celtic TenorsThe Boxer
Coverversie van Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer
The Celtic TenorsThe Carnival Is Over
Coverversie van The Seekers - The Carnival Is Over
The Celtic TenorsThe Things You Are To Me
Coverversie van Secret Garden & Elaine Paige - The Things You Are To Me
The CockroachesCan In The Hand1987Producer
The CockroachesDouble Shot (Of My Baby's Love)1987Producer
The CockroachesHenry's Lizard1986Producer
The CockroachesHey What Now!1988Producer
The CockroachesShe's The One1987Producer
The CockroachesSome Kind Of Girl1987Producer
The CockroachesWait Up1986Producer
The ExpressionDecisions1983Producer
The ExpressionMore Like A Feeling Than A Taste1983Producer
The ExpressionNothing Changes1983Producer
The ExpressionPresent Communication1984Producer
The ExpressionRound & Round1983Producer
The ExpressionTotal Eclipse1983Producer
The ExpressionWith Closed Eyes1983Producer
Vanessa AmorosiBack In Love2002Producer
Vanessa AmorosiBitter Twist2002Producer
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