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CD ISO / Columbia 88697169032 (Sony BMG) / EAN 0886971690323
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CD 1:
1. Outside - The Diary Of Nathan Adler or The Art-Ritual Murder Of Baby Grace Blue
1.Leon Takes Us Outside
3.The Hearts Filthy Lesson
4.A Small Plot Of Land
5.Segue - Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)
6.Hallo Spaceboy
7.The Motel
8.I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
9.No Control
10.Segue - Algeria Touchshriek
11.The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
12.Segue - Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name
13.Wishful Beginnings
14.We Prick You
15.Segue - Nathan Adler, Pt.1
16.I'm Deranged
17.Thru' These Architect's Eyes
18.Segue - Nathan Adler, Pt.2
19.Strangers When We Meet
CD 2:
Excerpts From Outside
1.The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Trent Reznor Alternative Mix)
2.The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix)
3.The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Simple Test Mix)
4.The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Filthy Mix)
5.The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Good Karma Mix by Tim Simenon)
6.A Small Plot Of Land (Basquiat OST Version)
7.Hallo Spaceboy (12" Remix)
8.Hallo Spaceboy (Double Click Mix)
9.Hallo Spaceboy (Instrumental)
10.Hallo Spaceboy (Lost In Space Mix)
11.I Am With Name
12.I'm Deranged (Jungle Mix)
13.Get Real
14.Nothing To Be Desired
CD 3:
Eart hl i ng
1.Little Wonder
2.Looking For Satellites
3.Battle For Britain (The Letter)
4.Seven Years In Tibet
5.Dead Man Walking
6.Telling Lies
7.The Last Thing You Should Do
8.I'm Afraid Of Americans
9.Law (Earthlings On Fire)
CD 4:
Eart hl i ng Bonus Disc
1.Little Wonder (Censored Video Edit)
2.Little Wonder (Junior Vazquez Club Mix)
3.Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)
4.Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin Version)
5.Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)
6.Dead Man Walking (Moby US 12" Promo Mix)
7.Telling Lies (Feelgood Mix)
8.Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)
9.I'm Afraid Of Americans (Show Girls OST Version)
10.I'm Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 Mix)
11.I'm Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 Clean Edit)
12.V-2 Schneider (Tao Jones Index)
13.Pallas Athena (Tao Jones Index)
CD 5:
1.Thursday's Child
2.Something In The Air
4.If I'm Dreaming My Life
6.What's Really Happening?
7.The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
8.New Angels Of Promise
9.Brilliant Adventure
10.The Dreamers
CD 6:
'Hours...' Bonus Disc
1.Thursday's Child (Rock Mix)
2.Thursday's Child (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Slower Version)
3.Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix)
4.Survive (Marius DeVries Mix)
5.Seven (Demo Version)
6.Seven (Marius DeVries Mix)
7.Seven (Beck Mix #1)
8.Seven (Beck Mix #2)
9.The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Edit)
10.The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Film Version)
11.The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Film Only Version)
12.New Angels Of Promise (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version)
13.The Dreamers (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Longer Version)
15.We Shall Go To Town
16.We All Go Through
17.No-One Calls
CD 7:
3.Slip Away
4.Slow Burn
6.I've Been Waiting For You
7.I Would Be Your Slave
8.I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship
9.5:15 The Angels Have Gone
10.Everyone Says 'Hi'
11.A Better Future
12.Heathen (The Rays)
CD 8:
Heathen Bonus Disc
1.Sunday (Moby Remix)
2.A Better Future (Remix by Air)
3.Conversation Piece
4.Panic In Detroit (1979 Re-Recording Outtake)
5.Wood Jackson
6.When The Boys Come Marching Home
7.Baby Loves That Way
8.You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
10.Shadow Man
CD 9:
1.New Killer Star
2.Pablo Picasso
3.Never Get Old
4.The Loneliest Guy
5.Looking For Water
6.She'll Drive The Big Car
8.Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
9.Try Some, Buy Some
11.Bring Me The Disco King
CD 10:
Reality Bonus Disc
1.Waterloo Sunset
3.Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture)
4.Rebel Rebel (2002 Re-Recording)
5.Love Missile F1 Eleven
6.Rebel Never Gets Old (Radio Mix)
7.Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Edit)
8.Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Mix)

David Bowie   Discographie / Devenir fan

Singles - Ultratop
Space Oddity08/11/1969423
John, I'm Only Dancing09/12/1972491
Ziggy Stardust10/02/1973711
The Jean Genie10/02/1973
Drive-In Saturday16/06/1973471
Life On Mars?01/09/1973404
The Man Who Sold The World01/09/1973
Rebel Rebel23/03/1974612
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide08/06/1974394
Diamond Dogs17/08/1974461
Young Americans17/05/1975364
Golden Years31/01/1976286
Sound And Vision23/04/19771111
Hallo Spaceboy30/03/1996305
Where Are We Now?19/01/201372
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)16/03/2013Tip: 16 
★ [Blackstar]28/11/2015Tip: 37 
I Can't Give Everything Away23/04/2016Tip 
No Plan21/01/2017Tip 
Albums - Ultratop
1. Outside07/10/1995146
Eart hl i ng15/02/1997511
The Singles Collection14/06/1997227
Bowie At The Beeb - The Best Of The BBC Radio Sessions 68-7207/10/2000148
Best Of Bowie02/11/2002417
A Reality Tour30/01/2010188
Station To Station - Deluxe Edition09/10/2010633
The Platinum Collection25/08/20121454
The Next Day16/03/2013153
Sound + Vision27/09/2014967
Nothing Has Changed. The Very Best Of Bowie22/11/20142432
Five Years [1969-1973]03/10/2015827
★ [Blackstar]16/01/2016191
Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976]01/10/2016512
Lazarus (Musical / David Bowie and Enda Walsh)29/10/20163613
Live Nassau Coliseum '7618/02/20171472
Cracked Actor - Live Los Angeles '7424/06/2017833
A New Career In A New Town [1977-1982]07/10/2017612
Welcome To The Blackout (Live London '78)07/07/2018964
Loving The Alien [1983-1988]20/10/2018344
Glastonbury 200008/12/20183010
Glass Spider (Live Montreal '87)23/02/20191071
Serious Moonlight (Live '83)23/02/20191531
Conversation Piece23/11/20191271
Space Oddity23/11/20191322
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars16/01/20211163


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