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Future Classic FCL75CD
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Entrée:26/04/2014 (Position 180)
Dernière semaine:26/04/2014 (Position 180)
Top:180 (1 semaine)
Place dans le classement général:10032 (21 points)
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CD Future Classic FCL75CD / EAN 0084854295447
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2.Flume feat. Chet Faker - Left Alone
3.Flume feat. Jezzabell Doran - Sleepless
4.Flume feat. T.Shirt - On Top
5.Stay Close
6.Flume feat. Moon Holiday - Insane
9.More Than You Thought
10.Space Cadet
11.Flume feat. George Maple - Bring You Down
12.Warm Thoughts
13.What You Need
14.Star Eyes
15.Holdin On
LP Future Classic FCL75LP / EAN 0084854226496
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Digipak - CD Transgressive TRANS151 / 3724889 (UMG) / EAN 0602537248896
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2.Holdin On
3.Flume feat. Chet Faker - Left Alone
4.Flume feat. Jezzabell Doran - Sleepless
5.Flume feat. T.Shirt - On Top
6.Stay Close
7.Flume feat. Moon Holiday - Insane
10.More Than You Thought
11.Space Cadet
12.Flume feat. George Maple - Bring You Down
13.Warm Thoughts
14.What You Need
15.Star Eyes
CD Transgressive TRANS151J / EAN 5050954406323
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Deluxe Edition - CD Transgressive O13A067027 (PIAS) / EAN 5414939604041
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Never Be Like You (Flume feat. Kai)16/04/20162615
Say It (Flume feat. Tove Lo)14/05/2016Tip: 8 
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Moyenne des notes: 4 (Reviews: 7)

"Holdin On" is one of my favourite songs of the year and I liked quite a few of the other songs that I'd heard from him prior to listening to this album. I'm also a huge dance music fan so I was interested to see what this album had to offer.

I like it. The production is very quirky and different but I really like the uniqueness of it. Apart from "Star Eyes", "Stay Close" and "Intro" all of the songs are of 4 star quality. "Holdin On", "Insane", "On Top" and "The Greatest View" are the highlights. Overall the quality is consistent throughout. I wasn't totally sure if I'd enjoy this or not after seeing some of the reviews but I wasn't left disappointed. I'm happy that the album has been successful on the charts and that Flume won multiple awards at the ARIAs this year. Good job Flume!

He definitely shows some promise, although I think he tends to lose the rhythm in some places. I think it's part of his production style anyway (he couldn't surely lose the rhythm intentionally), but it's distracting at times and becomes irritating. I did enjoy the album for the most part though, with standouts including Star Eyes, Change and Sleepless.

It's some quirky but amazing music here. I don't know why but this has connected well with most of the Asians I know. It's not really something you'd associate with Asians :P

1. Sintra 5*
2. Left Alone 4*
3. Sleepless 6*
4. On Top 5*
5. Stay Close 5*
6. Insane 6*
7. Change 4*
8. Ezra 4*
9. More Than You Thought 6*
10. Space Cadet 4*
11. Bring You Down 6*
12. Warm Thoughts 5*
13. What You Need 4*
14. Star Eyes 4*
15. Holdin On 6*

While this generally isn't my kind of thing, I am slowly coming to appreciate it a little more and with forcible repeated listens of this album I did find it grew on me. While there are several tracks which don't really go anywhere or do anything for me there are some very cool moments. It's certainly not an any time any mood though, it has to be heard in the right setting. 3.5

When I first heard of Flume through 'Holdin' On' (Yes, I know 'Sleepless' was first, but I heard 'Holdin' On' first), I thought he was a cool producer with some nifty beats and cool sounds. That's why, when I first heard this album, I was a bit disappointed. There were just too many basic instrumentals, and a few quirky sounds (especially those chipmunk sort of voices). I too felt a bit empty, and quickly came to a judgement that this album would be a good instrumental album, or something unfinished to be either sampled or worked upon later on.

Then in the space of 9 months, I heard this album 4-5 times. I realised that with each listen, the album become better and better. There are quite some cool beats (I also noticed a stop-start sort of style), and electronic influences throughout the album. Despite having the tendency to be repetitive and a tad annoying (i.e. those chipmunk voices), I found that this album grew on me, and that I can listen to the songs on repeat.

I also agree with above comment on how this album is not for everyone. I guess this album is mainly targeted at the 15-30 age group, and for the indie/electronic genre (I wouldn't really classify this as 'dance' because I cannot really 'dance' to some of these tracks :P). Flume is one of my favourite Australian and electronic artists of 2012/13. He might not be the most talented producer, but his style somehow strikes a chord with me and tens of thousands of other listeners. I guess this is a solid debut LP, but I hope his next LP goes one up, and is more complex and prominent that this.

Deluxe Edition: A combination between adding rap/vocals to his instrumentals, and remixes. It really works well, and adds to the relevance of each track

1. Sintra (5*)
2. Left Alone (6*)
3. Sleepless (5*)
4. On Top (6*)
5. Stay Close (4*)
6. Insane (5*)
7. Change (5*)
8. Ezra (5*)
9. More Than You Thought (5*)
10. Space Cadet (3*)
11. Bring You Down (4*)
12. Warm Thoughts (5*)
13. What You Need (4*)
14. Star Eyes (6*)
15. Holdin On (6*)

Average= 4.93* --> 5* (82% or A)

Deluxe Edition:
16. Intro (5*)
18. Space Cadet (4.5*)
19. Insane (5*)
20. Stay Close (5*)
21. Holdin On (5*)
22. Change (5*)
23. Warm Thoughts (5*)
24. Sleepless (5*)
25. Hyperparadise - Flume Mixtape Version (5*)
26. You & Me - Flume Remix (6*)
27. Hyperparadise - Flume Remix (5*)
28. A Baru In New York - Flume Remix (5*)
29. Zimbabwe - Flume Remix (5*)
30. Sleepless - Shlohmo Remix (4*)
31. Holdin On - 123MRK Remix (4*)
32. Left Alone - Ta-Ku Remix (5*)
33. Holdin On - Hermitude Remix (5*)
34. Insane - L D R U Remix (4.5*)
35. Possum (5*)
36. The Greatest View (5*)

Average: 4.9* --> 5* (81.7% or A)

Combined: 4.917 -->5 (81.9% --> 82% or A)
Dernière édition: 06/12/2013 15:15

Now it's not my kind of thing in general but in all honesty I didn't know what I was expecting when I had to purchase this current Australian #1 album.
But after going through every kind of ambience cafe jazz sounding track i'm feeling left empty and ripped off and confussed as how Flume has become so popular anyway.
Also pondering how many other Australian's are feeling after seeing this at #1 in their local Sanity or record retailer and thinking it must be good?
It's not totally terrible but it's definately not worth your hard earned.
Dernière édition: 05/02/2013 13:23

It's certainly an acquired taste. Undoubtedly there are some people that just don't understand the hype, which is perfectly understandable, because this sample-based electronic music isn't for everyone. While I'm no afficionado, I do appreciate this genre for what it is. On this record, one does get the opportunity to understand where the hit potential is ('Holdin On', 'Sleepless' and 'On Top' all stand out) but at the same time there are moments that seem like a waste of time/space (see 'Ezra' or 'Star Eyes'). In terms of rating this album, giving a 2 would be much too harsh as while many of the tracks are average, only a select couple as mentioned are worse than that. Unfortunately though, I can't give a 4 because at times this near 50-minute listen did feel like a chore. Moderately enjoyable, but it's safe to assume that this is an album which is best for listening to its individual parts.

Edit: This has improved for me. His sound is all at once unique and accessible. Quite enjoyable.
Dernière édition: 25/06/2013 02:59
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