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Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

Cover Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
KIDinaKORNER / Interscope 06025 3722421
Cover Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
Cover Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
Interscope / Shady 0602537158904


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Entrée:16/02/2013 (Position 88)
Dernière semaine:21/11/2020 (Position 170)
Top:28 (1 semaine)
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Mid price:19/07/2014 / Top: 1 / sem.: 101
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CD KIDinaKORNER / Interscope 06025 3722421 (UMG) / EAN 0602537224210
Digital KIDinaKORNER / Interscope 06025 3712683 (UMG) / EAN 0602537126835
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3.It's Time
5.On Top Of The World
7.Hear Me
8.Every Night
9.Bleeding Out
11.Nothing Left To Say / Rocks
12.Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)
13.Working Man
Deluxe Edition - CD KIDinaKORNER / Interscope 06025 3734647 (UMG) / EAN 0602537346479
Digital KIDinaKORNER / Interscope 3722422 (UMG) / EAN 0602537224227
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3.It's Time
5.On Top Of The World
7.Hear Me
8.Every Night
9.Bleeding Out
11.Nothing Left To Say / Rocks
12.Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)
13.Working Man
14.My Fault
15.Round And Round
16.The River
19.Cover Up
20.I Don't Mind
LP Interscope / Shady 0602537158904 (UMG) / EAN 0602537158904
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Imagine Dragons   Discographie / Devenir fan

Singles - Ultratop
It's Time30/06/2012Tip: 3 
On Top Of The World16/08/2014Tip: 3 
I Bet My Life29/11/2014Tip: 6 
Shots11/04/2015Tip: 4 
I Was Me17/10/2015Tip: 45 
Roots05/12/2015Tip: 30 
Sucker For Pain (Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons feat. Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors)10/09/20163518
Levitate28/01/2017Tip: 47 
Whatever It Takes25/11/2017818
Next To Me31/03/2018Tip: 29 
Born To Be Yours (Kygo & Imagine Dragons)04/08/20182118
Bad Liar08/12/2018328
Albums - Ultratop
Night Visions16/02/20132891
Night Visions Live17/05/20141109
Smoke + Mirrors28/02/2015841


Moyenne des notes: 4.22 (Reviews: 27)

Night Visions is an album that feels fresh to me even as I write this. It's hard for me to say that it feels radical from a rock music perspective. But unlike other similarly sounding albums like Bad Blood by Bastille or Native by OneRepublic, Night Visions has a tracklist where each song feels disconnected to each other rather than combining to bring together a certain theme. This is really evident in the first half of the tracklist where most of the singles are. While they stand out from each other, it forms a sort of dissonance when played together and it sorta brings the whole album down.


Kaahu Leef
I had a go and listen to this album from Imagine Dragons. And overall I just find it a bit too hard to follow. I was disappointed that they try other elements to connect into their rock scenario. According to the actual website Wikipedia, it says the substance on this album has got hip hop. And where can I find it? Absolutely nothing.

Surprisingly I still love Radioactive and On Top Of The World. As the rest, it's underrated and very difficult to comprehend which tracks are the best.

Das Album als ganzes nicht so schlimm aber vereinzelte Lieder daraus wurden bis zum Erbrechen überall gespielt.

FXs Charts
Night Visions

⦁ Radioactive: (6)
⦁ Tiptoe: (4.5)
⦁ Its Time: (6)
⦁ Demons: (5)
⦁ On Top of the World: (4.5)
⦁ Amsterdam: (4)
⦁ Hear me: (4+)
⦁ Every Night: (5.5)
⦁ Bleeding Out: (4+)
⦁ Underdog: (3)
⦁ Nothing left to say: (6)
⦁ Rocks: (4)
⦁ Cha-Ching: (3.5)
⦁ Working Man: (3.5)
------------------------------- Deluxe
⦁ My Fault (4)
⦁ Round and Round (5)
⦁ The River (-4)
⦁ America (5+)
⦁ Selene (3.5)
⦁ Cover Up (4)
⦁ I dont Mind (2.5)

Durchschnitt: 4.57*

Durchschnitt mit Deluxe: 4.38*

Ich finde das Album einfach spitze! Jeder Song ist individuell und passt zum Genre.
Sehr gute Songs: Radioactive, Its Time, Demons, Every Night, Nothing left to say, Round and Round und America.
Gute Songs: Tiptoe, On Top of the World, Amsterdam, Hear me, Bleeding Out, My Fault, The River und Selene.
Auch die anderen Lieder sind schön, einfach kein Ohrenwurm oder sonderlich einzigartig. Als gesamtes Werk ist dies das Beste Album, das ich je gehört habe. So viele grossartige Songs vom Klang und vom Text her. Das einzige Lied, dass nicht ins Album passen möchte ist Underdog und I dont Mind gefällt mir einfach nicht.

Das Album lohnt sich für jeden CD Sammler und Musik Liebhaber. Die Stilrichtung dieses Albes wäre Indie- und Alternativer Rock. Die Deluxe Variante lohnt sich, wenn man zusätzlich die alten Songs der Imagine Dragons hören möchte. Beide Versionen sind empfehlenswert.

Bewertung: 5.5 --> aufgerundet auf eine 6
Dernière édition: 18/09/2019 20:39

Gute alte Zeiten

Am 23.02.2014 habe ich die einzelnen Titel bewertet, aber die Albumbewertung vergessen.
Das Album gefiel mir sehr gut, nur die letzten Titel nicht ganz so.

Dieses Album hat mich doch stark positiv überrascht. Abgesehen von "Underdog" überzeugt eigentlich wirklich jeder Track. Dazu kommen die besonders starken "Radioactive", "It's time", "Demons", "Amsterdam" und "Bleeding out".

5 Sterne von mir.

Abgesehen von der ersten Single 'Radioactive' sind alle Songs gut bis stark.

Bis auf "It's time" und den "Working man", gibt mir das alles weniger.
#36 der österreichischen Jahreswertung.

I feel like they're a bit overrated. I really enjoyed Radioactive, but the rest of their album kind of disappoints in comparison.
Dernière édition: 19/11/2013 11:01

One of the most over rated groups and albums to come out of 2013.
To me they've offered nothing 'new' OR 'fresh' to the music scene or the charts and are only this years it band by trial by media.
I compare them to earl 3 Doors Down which i couldn't get into either.


Note: I have heard this album four times prior to reviewing this (March, June, August, and October)

Awesome album from Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons. Not only is the songwriting persistently solid throughout the album, but the whole production in term of the music is excellent. Imagine Dragons corporate some Alternative/Indie styles with current pop and electronic sound, along with an anthemic/powerful vibe, all whilst adding an '80s/'90s ambience to most of the tracks (a generalised judgement here).

Imagine Dragons are one of my favourite bands of 2013 so far, and are really close to being the best artists of this year too.

Starkes, solides Album, das allerdings die höchsten Ansprüche nicht befriedigen kann.

Since it seems like everyone in the universe apart from people who seem to actually care about music seems to be in awe of them making them this year's biggest rock band, I might as well gives this record a shot to see what there is to it. A lot of talk about the sonic diversity seems to have been made, with each song sneaking a sound from some genre or whatever. This barely hides the fact that it's basically one really average, cheesy and formulaic song repeated 10 times or more which gets really tiring and predictable. There's no way in hell that anyone could seriously consider this innovative at all.

So the production I guess that's both the biggest strength and weakness to this because obviously Alex Da Kid was trying to give as much imagination (indeed) as he could to such sterile songs and occasionally with a gem like 'It's Time' they can write a song that actually lives up to the excessive production, unfortunately it often muscles the band itself out of the picture or shows how generic their songwriting is with truly horrible tunes like 'Demons' and 'Every Night'. It's only at the very end with 'Rocks' (no, that does not count the 'radical' 6-minute long song before it) that they show any other ways of writing a song.

Funnily enough the over-saturated 'Radioactive' is actually a relative highlight on this.
Dernière édition: 01/11/2013 06:50

This was quite an enjoyable album but not quite enough that I think I'll purchase it. I do love the singles, and aside from those there were several oher tracks which were great, and while there were no songs here I disliked, there were a great number which were just solid but unspectacular. With repeated listens I'd probably like those more but I don't exactly need more CD's! Very close to giving this a 5 but I'll go with 4.

So it too me a very long time to jump on the Imagine Dragons train. A year late in fact. I heard 'It's Time' over a year ago and thought very little of it. It wasn't until 'Radioactive' grew on me a few months ago when I took notice and before I knew it I had 4 Imagine Dragon songs in my top 5. I love the singles so much I really wanted to give their album a try.

And I definitely wasn't disappointed! As many have already pointed out, there was a great mix of styles and influeces yet they manage to encompass all these and successfully call it their own. The heavy, darker tracks blended with the happier, poppier upbeat tracks very well, Dan Reynolds vocals are passionate and strong and the lyrics are very well written. Overall this is a fantastic alternative album.

Many would say it would be difficult to look outside the singles as the best tracks off the album, but I love Amsterdam, Nothing Left To Say, Rocks (especially) and Working Man as well. These 4 along with the 4 singles would be the best tracks off the album. Even the weakest tracks, Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older) and maybe Working Man I still thoroughly enjoyed. All of these tracks are on the verge of increasing their ratings. Congratulations to Imagine Dragons for a marvelous album!

Track listing: (Numbers in brackets denote singles, * indicate released singles)

1. Radioactive * (6)
2. Tiptoe (5)
3. It's Time * (6)
4. Demons * (5)
5. On Top Of The World * (6)
6. Amsterdam (6)
7. Hear Me (4)
8. Every Night (4)
9. Bleeding Out (4)
10. Underdog (4)
11. Nothing Left To Say (6) / Rocks (6)
12. Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older) (4)
13. Working Man (6)
14. Tokyo (5)

Final Album Grade: A-
Dernière édition: 29/09/2013 15:05

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Radioactive: 4*
Tiptoe: 3*
It's Time: 5*
Demons: 5*
On Top Of The World: 6*
Amsterdam: 3*
Hear Me: 4*
Every Night: 4*
Bleeding Out: 5*
Underdog: 3*
Nothing Left To Say: 4*
Cha-Ching: 4*
Working Man: 4*

Imagine Dragons sind im Moment gut mit "Radioactive" unterwegs...was für mich ein wenig fraglich ist..."On Top Of The World" scheint nur in meinem Heimatland, Portugal Erfolg zu haben!
Irgendwie scheint es mir dass Sie "On Top Of The World" für das portugieische Volk geschrieben haben, dort Nr1 für mehrere Wochen...und es scheint einer der grössten Hits des Jahres zu werden! Was ich total nachvollziehen kann, wie fast jeder Portugiese liebe ich den Song! Ist auch mein Album-Highlight!

Radioactive *** ***
Tiptoe *** *
It's Time *** **
Demons *** *
On Top Of The World *** *
Amsterdam *** *
Hear Me *** *
Every Night *** *
Bleeding Out *** **
Underdog *** *
Nothing Left To Say / Rocks *** *
My Fault *** *
Round And Round *** *
The River *** *
America *** *
Selene *** *
Cover Up *** *
I Don't Mind *** *

4.2 - 4*

Von "Night Visions" gibt es ja etliche Versionen... ich habe mir nach etlichem hin- und her endlich für die 18-Track-Version entschieden. Daher unterscheidet sich meine Tracklist etwas von der Liste oben...

Das Debut-Album der US-Band Imagine Dragons ist sehr gut geraten. Es ist relativ eingängig und man kann es ohne grosse Probleme ganz durchhören. Leider fehlen aber die ganz grossen Hit auf "Night Visions" und wer weitere Kracher wie "Radioactive" erwartet, wird grösstenteils enttäuscht werden. Dafür gibt es aber auch keine Hänger.

Während ich hoffe dass "Bleeding Out" noch als Single veröffentlicht wird, wurden mit den bekannten Singles "It's Time", "On Top Of The World" und "Demons" die nächstbesten Tracks bereits ausgekoppelt.
Dernière édition: 26/07/2013 13:31

Ale Dynasty
Eigentlich nichtssägend. Kein richtiger Highlight.

A solid album, admittedly let down by a couple of stinkers.

The album generally has darker songs, but there is the occasional more upbeat, happier song that ruins the tempo that the album had going for itself.

The standouts of the album were (in no particular order):
Bleeding Out
It's Time (to a lesser extent - not as good as the above three)

The songs which ruined the album slightly were:
On Top Of The World
Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older) (as alleyt1989 said, it sounds like it belongs more on a Mary Poppins movie soundtrack, rather than this album)

Wieso wird Radioactive erst jetzt ein Hit? Im Frühjahr / Sommer 2012 hat sich niemand dafür interessiert - und jetzt dieser immense Erfolg. Schon komisch wie die Leute ticken. Entsprechend verleidet mir der Song langsam aber sicher aufgrund Dauerbeschallung.

Die von Alex da Kid produzierten Songs haben alle ein unabstreitbares Hitpotential. Dass sie's auch ohne ihn gut können zeigt z.B. Nothing Left To Say / Rocks oder Working Man.

Night Visions ist ein grundsolides Album, das auch viele Popfans ansprechen wird. Die werden vor allem an den ersten fünf Songs und Bleeding Out Gefallen finden, den von Alex da Kid produzierten Songs. Als Popfan gefallen mir diese natürlich ebenfalls alle gut, es sind aber nicht die einzigen gelungenen Tracks dieses Albums, wie viele meinen.

Lieblingssongs: Working Man, Nothing Left to Say / Rocks, Every Night, On Top Of the World, Tiptoe, Radioactive

Und die Veröffentlichungspolitik ist ein einziger Witz. Wie viele verschiedene Versionen gibt es? 10? Kein Wunder existiert Piraterie.

Sehr starkes Album dieser äusserst talentierten Band. Die Songs sprühen vor Spielfreude und Energie, sind ziemlich eingängig und abwechslungsreich. "Radioactive", "Demons" oder "On Top Of The World" halte ich für Meisterwerke, stark!

I've liked all the singles from the album so I figured I'd like this as soon as I got around to listening to it right through. And I wasn't disappointed! I particularly love the variety within the album, it's not one sound the whole way through and they incorporate many different sound, production techniques and instruments. The songwriting is brilliant as are the vocals (although he shouts a lot, I find it to be interesting rather than irritating since many of the tracks are based around chirpy guitar riffs or whatever other instrument they happen to be using).

In saying that, the heavier tracks still sound awesome - Radioactive is a good example of that but I also liked the heavier sound of Working Man. I didn't dis-like any tracks on the album so it's definitely a high 5 for me, nearly a 6 but I guess something is missing for me. I'm not sure what.

Standout tracks: It's Time, Radioactive, Bleeding Out, Nothing Left To Say

EDIT: I now hate several of their songs, including On Top Of The World and Demons so will have to bring it down a little bit.
Dernière édition: 30/12/2013 11:46

DJ Koksi
Feine Songs kommen aus dem Schaffen von Imagine Dragons, am bekanntesten ist wahrscheinlich "It's Time", dass in den USA Gold-Status erreicht hat. Der Opener "Radioactive" ist der Titeltrack des Computergames Assassins Creed III.

"Radioactive" reißt einen sofort mit und bleibt im Ohr hängen, "On Top Of The World" ist ein Gute-Laune-Song zum munter werden und bei "Demons" kann man seine Gedanken schweifen lassen.

Imagine Dragons können auf ihr neues Album absolut stolz sein. Die Songs sind vielfältig und abwechslungsreich! Außerdem ist wirklich jeder Song ein Ohrwurm... Endorphinüberschuss garantiert!

Anspieltipps: Radioactive, It’s Time, Demons, On Top Of The World, Nothing Left To Say

da sieht man mal wieder, dass Chartspositionen nichts aussagen

dieses Album hat platz 6 in deutschland erreicht und hat sich vermutlich nur 2,000 mal oder so verkauft

keine Bewertungen bisher vorhanden

das album ist ganz ok, neben ITS TIME und dem super Highlight RADIOACTIVE gibt es kaum Songs, die überragend sind.

Dernière édition: 14/02/2013 11:55
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