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Entrée:13/04/2013 (Position 92)
Dernière semaine:14/09/2013 (Position 184)
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CD Atlantic 7567-87324-3 (Warner) / EAN 0075678732430
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1.Fast In My Car
3.Grow Up
5.Moving On (Interlude)
6.Ain't It Fun
7.Part II
8.Last Hope
9.Still Into You
11.Holiday (Interlude)
13.Hate To See Your Heart Break
14.(One Of Those) Crazy Girls
15.I'm Not Angry Anymore (Interlude)
16.Be Alone

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Decode03/01/2009Tip: 20 
Hard Times10/06/2017Tip: 28 
Told You So16/09/2017Tip 
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Brand New Eyes10/10/2009342
After Laughter20/05/2017655


Moyenne des notes: 5.29 (Reviews: 7)

Fast in my Car: ****
Now: *****
Grow Up: ****
Daydreaming: ****
Moving On (Interlude): ****
Ain't It Fun: ******
Part II: *****
Last Hope: *****
Still Into You: ******
Anklebiters: ***
Holiday (Interlude): ****
Proof: ******
Hate to See Your Heart Break: ******
(One of Those) Crazy Girls: *****
I'm Not Angry Anymore (Interlude): *****
Be Alone: ***
Future: ******

All in all, there was some amazing tracks in here and there was hardly any filler (except for maybe Be Alone) in it. This album is worth a listen if you truly appreciate modern rock music.

This album it's more mature than the last one, I love it.!
I like the songs: Last hope, Now, Proof, Ain't it fun, Part II and Hate to see your heart break.
Paramore saving the Rock N Roll!!!!!!!!!

I still don't own this record yet (well now I do), but I've played each song online god knows how many times in absolute flattering awe on how they've became so good when I was least expecting it. The complaints from older fans of this being too 'pop' need a reality check - there were ALWAYS a pop band at heart, and now they've gone and written some fantastic pop songs that not only impressively explore new styles but also reaffirm the existence of the stengths in their old style.

It feels a bit weird to be converted from apathy to high approval so swiftly, but they deserve all the plaudits they've earned this year.
Dernière édition: 04/12/2013 11:52

Amazingly brilliant album. You might have thought that it would be difficult to keep it together after two of your key members leave, but they've manage to push through the change and develop their unique sound into a very well crafted album. They try new sounds with tracks like 'Ain't It Fun' (with the inclusion of a gospel choir), or a huge instrumental interlude with 'Future'. This is one of my favourite albums of 2013.

HIGHLIGHTS: Still Into You, Future, Hate To See Your Heart Break

ganz gutes Album!
Dernière édition: 22/05/2013 14:09

Fast In My Car *** *
Now *** **
Grow Up *** *
Daydreaming *** *
Ain't It Fun *** *
Part II *** **
Last Hope *** **
Still Into You *** **
Anklebiters *** *
Proof *** *
Hate To See Your Heart Break *** **
(One Of Those) Crazy Girls *** *
Be Alone *** *
Future *** **

4.43 - 5* (runde gerne auf!)

Ohne jegliche Erwartungen habe ich mir direkt das Album gekauft. Ich kannte noch nicht einmal die zuvor ausgekoppelten Singles "Now" und "Still Into You". Einzig die früheren Singles wie "Ignorance" oder "Decode" waren mir bekannt. Während dem Durchhören fiel mir aber auf dass doch Erwartungen vorhanden waren, denn ich dachte Paramore wären rockiger. Vor allem anfangs ist es ziemlich harmlos und fast zu poppig (abgesehen von "Now"), wird dann aber ab "Part II" zum Glück wieder etwas besser.

Alles in allem ist "Paramore" ziemlich gut geraten und ich werde es mir sicherlich noch einige Male reinziehen. Auch wenn es nicht so 'laut' ist wie ich erst erwartete, gibt es kein Song auf dem Album welcher schlecht wäre. Viele sind zwar etwas austauschbar, aber auch diese sind Nett zum Anhören. Abgesehen von den ersten beiden Singles sind "Last Hop", "Part II" und "Hate To See Your Heart Break" die Highlights.

Fast In My Car *** *
Now **
Grow Up *** *
Daydreamin ***
Interlude: Movin On *** *
Ain't It Fun *** *
Part II *** **
Last Hope *** **
Still Into You *** ***
Anklebiters ***
Interlude: Holiday *** *
Proof *** *
Hate To See Your Heart Break *** ***
(One Of Those) Crazy Girls *** **
Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore *** *
Be Alone *** **
Future *** *

This album was fairly solid and I commend the band for trying some pretty cool new things rather succesfully. Standouts are 'Hate To See Your Heart Break', 'Still Into You' and '(One Of Those) Crazy Girls' - there's plenty to love on this album though!
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