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G-Eazy - When It's Dark Out

Cover G-Eazy - When It's Dark Out
Cover G-Eazy - When It's Dark Out
RCA 88875183762


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CD RCA 88875183762 (Sony) / EAN 0888751837621
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3.G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I
4.G-Eazy feat. Big Sean - One Of Them
5.G-Eazy feat. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez - Drifting
6.G-Eazy feat. Too $hort - Of All Things
7.G-Eazy feat. Starrah - Order More
8.Calm Down
9.G-Eazy feat. Grace - Don't Let Me Go
10.You Got Me
11.G-Eazy feat. Gizzle - What If
12.Sad Boy
13.G-Eazy feat. Marc E. Bassy - Some Kind Of Drug
14.G-Eazy feat. Quiñ - Think About You
15.G-Eazy feat. Kehlani - Everything Will Be OK
16.G-Eazy feat. Iamnobodi - For This
17.G-Eazy feat. Keyshia Cole & E-40 - Nothing To Me

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Singles - Ultratop
You Don't Own Me (Grace feat. G-Eazy)05/03/2016Tip 
Me, Myself & I (G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha)05/03/20161618
Make Me... (Britney Spears feat. G-Eazy)23/07/2016Tip: 17 
You & Me (Marc E. Bassy feat. G-Eazy)30/07/2016Tip: 22 
Some Kind Of Drug (G-Eazy feat. Marc E. Bassy)25/02/2017Tip 
Good Life (G-Eazy & Kehlani)01/04/2017Tip: 7 
No Limit (G-Eazy feat. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B)25/11/2017Tip: 22 
Him & I (G-Eazy & Halsey)16/12/2017Tip: 4 
Sober (G-Eazy feat. Charlie Puth)14/04/2018Tip: 21 
Albums - Ultratop
When It's Dark Out12/12/20151831
The Beautiful & Damned23/12/20171066


Moyenne des notes: 3.5 (Reviews: 2)

Das ist so ziemlich das erste reine Rap-Album, das ich mir gekauft habe. Erstens, weil es den Song "Me, myself and I" nicht als Tonträger gibt; Zweitens, weil der Preis mit 5,99 € ganz okay war und Drittens, weil ich einfach neugierig war.
Insgesamt keine wirkliche Meisterleistung und Revolution was die Rap-Musik betrifft. Es sind aber ein paar ganz gute Stücke auf dem Album. Meine Highlights sind das ja schon bekannte "Me, myself and I" und "Everything will be okay" in dem der Rapper den Tod der Lebensgefährtin seiner Mutter verarbeitet. Daneben sind einige mittelmäßige bis ganz ordentliche Stücke auf der CD - leider aber auch ein paar total bescheuerte Prollo-Rap-Songs. Insgesamt gebe ich eine wohlwollende ****.

I seemingly don't need to research anything for this review because G-Eazy frequently reminds me of everything I seem to need to know about him, or at least where he's at. Really the most commonly recurring motif I caught on this album was about how he has in fact made it, which in fact was not a random chance but something he earned through his own hustle. But from listening to this, I just can't be convinced that he wasn't just lucky because he certainly just seems to lack the charisma to justify it. His bars aren't necessarily bad (most of the time) but there's not really anything that stuck out to me or made me sit back in awe. He's like a template for a rapper at most.

That does come into an issue at times. Like when he says he's the coldest white rapper since Eminem, which I don't know how anyone can attest to that. Even if you did, you'd probably sooner lower your perception of his competition than you would raise your perception of him. It falls even flatter when he repurposes the classic 'you ain't got no Yeezy?!' lyric from "Dark Fantasy" for himself and I'm like 'woah man, you have not earnt this one yet'.

Is it particularly bad though? Not really. As I said it feels more like a template than anything else, and you can certainly say it's competent; he doesn't stumble across his lines and his flow is fine enough. The production is reasonably varied while generally remaining dark with the occasional exception when it goes into reggae or things like that. It's all probably just a little too long running at an hour. I was certainly ready for it to end sooner and apart from some guest appearances, there isn't all that much to note on the back end. I'd be more specific but then I'd rather G-Eazy work on that first. 2.8
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