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Aerosmith - Pandora's Box

Cover Aerosmith - Pandora's Box
Columbia 88765429562


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CD Columbia 88765429562 (Sony) / EAN 0887654295620
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CD 1:
1.The Chain Reaction - When I Needed You [Steven Tyler, pre-Aerosmith]
2.Make It
3.Movin' Out (Alternate version)
4.One Way Street
5.On The Road Again (Rehearsal Pre-Production Jam)
6.Mama Kin
7.Same Old Song And Dance
8.The Train Kept A-Rollin'
9.Seasons Of Wither
10.Write Me A Letter (Unreleased live version)
11.Dream On
12.Pandora's Box
13.Rattlesnake Shake (Live radio broadcast aired on WKRQ, Cincinnati, OH (1971))
14.Walking The Dog (Live radio broadcast aired on WKRQ, Cincinnati, OH (1971))
15.Lord Of The Thighs (Live version from Texxas Jam concert: Cottonbowl, Dallas, TX (1978))
CD 2:
1.Toys In The Attic
2.Round And Round
3.Krawhitham [Instrumental]
4.You See Me Crying
5.Sweet Emotion
6.No More No More
7.Walk This Way
8.I Wanna Know Why (Live version from Texxas Jam concert: Cottonbowl, Dallas, TX (1978))
9.Big Ten-Inch Record (Live version from Texxas Jam concert: Cottonbowl, Dallas, TX (1978))
10.Rats In The Cellar
11.Last Child (Remix of original version)
12.All Your Love (Recorded at The Cenacle, Armonk, NY (1977))
13.Soul Saver (Rehearsal (1975))
14.Nobody's Fault
15.Lick And A Promise
16.Adam's Apple (Live version recorded on tour in Indianapolis, IN)
17.Draw The Line (Remix of original version)
18.Critical Mass
CD 3:
1.Kings And Queens (Live version (1978))
2.Milk Cow Blues
3.I Live In Connecticut (Rehearsal recorded at The Wherehouse, Waltham, MA (1979))
4.Three Mile Smile
5.Let It Slide (From the Night In The Ruts recording session (1979))
6.Cheese Cake
7.Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
8.No Surprize
9.Come Together
10.Downtown Charlie (Recorded at Record Plant Studios, New York, NY (1978))
11.Sharpshooter (From the album Whitford/St. Holmes (1980-81))
12.Shit House Shuffle (Rehearsal recorded at Record Plant Studios, NYC, NY (1979))
13.The Joe Perry Project - South Station Blues
14.Riff & Roll (Recorded at Power Station, NYC, NY (1981))
16.Major Barbara (Alternate version recorded at Power Station, NYC, NY (1971))
17.Chip Away The Stone (Alternate version recorded at Long View Farms, MA (1978))
18.Helter Skelter (Recorded at Great Northern Studios (1975))
19.Back In The Saddle
20.Circle Jerk [Unreleased instrumental - Not listed]

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