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Buscemi - Retro nuevo

Cover Buscemi - Retro nuevo
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Binnenkomst:02/12/2006 (Positie 49)
Laatste week notering:22/09/2007 (Positie 92)
Piekpositie:8 (1 week)
Aantal weken:43
Positie aller tijden:458 (7251 Punten)
Alternatieve albums:02/12/2006 / Piek: 5 / Weken: 44
Belgische albums:02/12/2006 / Piek: 1 / Weken: 40
Mid price:26/01/2008 / Piek: 9 / Weken: 8
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be  Piek: 8 / Weken: 43 (V)


CD Downsall 5400711003355 (EMI) / EAN 5400711003355
Digipack - CD Downsall / Virgin 3757292 (EMI) [be] / EAN 0094637572924
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2.Jazz Jumper
3.Buscemi feat. Fay Lovsky - Não falo português
5.Sahib Balkan
6.Collapsing In An Elegant Way
7.Bollywood Swing King (Dark Deejayz Mix)
8.Buscemi feat. Dag Taeldeman - Medusa
9.Buscemi feat. Alexia Waku - Jumilla
10.Buscemi feat. Viviani Godoy - Isolada do mundo
11.Buscemi feat. Isabelle Antena - Nothing To Worry About
12.Retro nuevo
CD Lowlands LOWDSL038CD / EAN 5400711003355
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LP Lowlands LOWDSL038LP / EAN 5400711003232
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Buscemi   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Ultratop
Seaside (Buscemi feat. Isabelle Antena)12/04/2003Tip: 11 
Bollywood Swing King23/12/2006395
Sahib Balkan31/03/2007491
Dipso Calypso (Buscemi feat. Lady Cath)28/11/2009316
'o Sarracino (Rocco con Buscemi)25/06/2011382
Rocco cha cha (Rocco con Buscemi)19/11/2011Tip: 89 
Nite People (Buscemi feat. Assunta Mandaglio)19/05/2012Tip: 52 
La chatte (Buscemi feat. Daan)23/03/2013Tip: 11 
Gagarin (Buscemi feat. Eline)31/05/2014Tip: 26 
Luna misteriosa (Buscemi feat. Luigi Catalano)10/03/2018Tip 
Addicted (Buscemi feat. Leo Wood)26/05/2018Tip 
Albums - Ultratop
Our Girl In Havana21/07/2001827
A Warm Blue Note Session - Blue Note's Sidetracks Vol. 208/02/2003306
Camino Real19/04/2003322
Caliente! - Blue Note's Sidetracks Vol. 410/04/2004249
Late Nite Reworks Vol. 1 - A Collection Of Remixes By Buscemi18/06/20051016
Retro nuevo02/12/2006843
Welcome To The Party Vol. 1 (Squadra Bossa feat. Buscemi)07/06/20082114
Jazz Works (Buscemi & The Michel Bisceglia Ensemble)18/10/20082110
Vertov, l'uomo con la macchina da presa (Buscemi & The Michel Bisceglia Ensemble)23/05/2009556
In Situ21/11/20091819
Rocco con Buscemi (Rocco con Buscemi)02/07/20112518
Nite People21/04/2012724
Club Sodade - Triple Best Of06/04/20131623
Sol y suave31/05/20141320
Luna misteriosa28/07/20181911


Puntengemiddelde: 6 (Reviews: 1)
28/03/2008 09:05
Expect consistency - another good release. "Lost" starts out and it actually reminds me a bit of Minus 8's work witih the way it builds. Nice track. A very typical Buscemi track is "Nao Falo Portuguese". Brings me back to the days of "Ramiro's Theme". This one's a bit silly, but it's got a sort of charm to it and it's got an amazing level of production work in it with the effects in the back-ground and the direction of the song. Really well done! Hopefully it'll get a great remix... hopefully by Nicola Conte. "Brasileiras" follows up adequately so too. Nice little Battucada sample in the background as the song builds steam... festive and really made for the turntable/summer parties. "Sahib Balkan" was also pretty cool - you definitely get a picture in your head with this one. Think along the lines of "The Karminsky Experience" with even more sampling. I thought "Medusa" was interesting too because it reminded me of an old Bugz In the Attic base-line with Mark Force (40 Days, 40 Nights). I was also a fan of "Isolada Do Mundo" - sweet stuff here. Yet more amazing effects that are delivered with precision. And in a very astute move, Isabelle Antena returns for another track with "Nothing to Worry About". What a voice she's got - dripping with class.
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