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Gordon Matthew Sumner  02.10.1951

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Discografie Singles

Spread A Little HappinessA&M1982
If You Love Somebody Set Them FreeA&M31/05/1985
Fortress Around Your HeartA&M15/09/1985
Love Is The Seventh WaveA&M1985
Moon Over Bourbon StreetA&M1985
Code-Word Elvis (Eberhard Schoener feat. The Voice Of Sting)Mercury1985
We Work The Black SeamA&M1986
We'll Be TogetherA&M08/11/1987
Be Still My Beating HeartA&M / Festival25/01/1988
They Dance AloneA&M1988
Englishman In New YorkA&M1988
Englishman In New York [The Ben Liebrand Mix]A&M1990
All This TimeA&M01/01/1991
Mad About YouA&M1991
The Soul CagesA&M1991
Why Should I Cry For You?A&M1991
It's Probably Me (Sting with Eric Clapton)A&M23/06/1992
If I Ever Lose My Faith In YouA&M01/02/1993
Fields Of GoldA&M06/06/1993
Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)A&M24/09/1993
Demolition ManA&M01/11/1993
All For Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting)A&M17/12/1993
Seven DaysA&M1993
When We DanceA&M / Polydor01/11/1994
This Cowboy Song (Sting feat. Pato Banton)A&M1995
Let Your Soul Be Your PilotA&M19/02/1996
You Still Touch MeA&M1996
Roxanne 97 (Puff Daddy Remix) (Sting & The Police)A&M1997
Walking On The Moon (Sting And The Police)A&M1997
Terre d'oru (I Muvrini feat. Sting)EMI1998
Brand New DayA&M06/09/1999
Desert Rose (Sting feat. Cheb Mami)A&M12/1999
My Funny Friend And MeEdel2000
Rise & Fall (Craig David feat. Sting)Wildstar16/05/2003
Send Your LoveUniversal2003
Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)A&M26/04/2004
Lullaby To An Anxious Child (Gregg Kofi Brown feat. Sting)Wrasse2005
Every Little Thing She Does Is MagicDeutsche Grammophon21/06/2010
Practical ArrangementCherrytree / A&M15/07/2013
Stolen Car (MylŤne Farmer & Sting)Stuffed Monkey / Polydor24/08/2015
I Can't Stop Thinking About YouA&M / Interscope02/09/2016
One Fine DayA&M / Interscope18/11/2016
Don't Make Me Wait (Sting & Shaggy)A&M / Interscope26/01/2018
Morning Is Coming (Sting & Shaggy)A&M / Interscope16/03/2018
Gotta Get Back My Baby (Sting & Shaggy feat. MaÓtre Gims)A&M / Interscope28/09/2018

Discografie Albums - Studio

The Dream Of The Blue TurtlesA&M14/06/1985
...Nothing Like The SunA&M13/10/1987
Nada como el solA&M1988
The Soul CagesA&M1991
Ten Summoner's TalesA&M05/03/1993
Mercury FallingA&M08/03/1996
Brand New DayA&M24/09/1999
Sacred LoveA&M29/09/2003
Songs From The Labyrinth (Sting and Edin Karamazov)Deutsche Grammophon06/10/2006
If On A Winter's Night...Deutsche Grammophon23/10/2009
The Last ShipCherrytree / A&M20/09/2013
57th & 9thA&M / Interscope11/11/2016
44/876 (Sting & Shaggy)A&M / Interscope20/04/2018

Discografie Albums - Live

Bring On The NightA&M / Virgin1986
Jamaica 2003Charly24/03/2006
Live In Berlin (Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)Deutsche Grammophon26/11/2010
Live In Japan 1994Immortal06/11/2012

Discografie Albums - Unplugged

Acoustic Live In NewcastleA&M1992
...All This TimeA&M29/10/2001

Discografie Albums - Classical

SymphonicitiesDeutsche Grammophon09/07/2010

Discografie Albums - Soundtrack

Demolition ManA&M1993

Discografie Albums - Musical

The Last Ship (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (Musical / Sting)Cherrytree12/12/2014

Discografie Albums - Best Of

Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-1994A&M04/11/1994
The Very Best Of (Sting & The Police)A&M07/11/1997
The Best Of 25 YearsA&M14/10/2011

Discografie Albums - Box

25 YearsA&M23/09/2011
The Studio CollectionA&M30/09/2016
The Complete Studio CollectionA&M09/06/2017
The Complete Studio Collection: Volume IIA&M09/06/2017

Discografie Albums - Misc

The Journey & The Labyrinth (Sting & Edin Karamazov)//

Discografie Albums - DVD

Inside - The Songs Of Sacred LoveA&M06/10/2003
Live In Berlin (Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)Deutsche Grammophon26/11/2010
Bring On The NightUniversal14/11/2011
The Last Ship - Live At The Public TheaterInterscope19/09/2014
Live At The Olympia ParisEagle10/11/2017
The Journey & The Labyrinth (Sting & Edin Karamazov)//
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