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Sail Away To AvalonTransmission1995
The Stranger From WithinTransmission1996
Temple Of The CatTransmission2000
Day Eleven: LoveInside Out2004
LoserInside Out2004
Come Back To MeInside Out2005
Elected (Ayreon vs. Avantasia)Inside Out2008
Discografie Albums - Studio

The Final ExperimentTransmission1995
Actual FantasyTransmission1996
Into The Electric CastleTransmission01/09/1998
Universal Migrator Part: 1 - The Dream SequencerTransmission2000
Universal Migrator Part: 2 - Flight Of The MigratorTransmission2000
The Human EquationInside Out2004
01011001Inside Out25/01/2008
TimelineInside Out07/11/2008
Actual Fantasy RevisitedCentury09/10/2009
Universal Migrator Part I & IICentury09/10/2009
Limited Edition 7" [EP]Inside Out25/10/2013
The Theory Of EverythingInsideOut / Century Media25/10/2013
The SourceMusic Theories28/04/2017
Electric Castle Live And Other TalesMusic Theories27/03/2020
Discografie Albums - Live

Live In The Real World (Stream Of Passion feat. Ayreon)Inside Out2006
The Theater EquationInside Out17/06/2016
Universe - Best Of Ayreon LiveMusic Theories30/03/2018
Discografie Albums - DVD

The Theater EquationInside Out17/06/2016
Universe - Best Of Ayreon LiveMusic Theories30/03/2018



The Theory Of Everything09/11/2013584
The Theater Equation25/06/20161333
The Source06/05/2017386

Nummers van Ayreon

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"Forever" Of The Stars
A Reason To Live
Abbey Of Synn
Across The Rainbow Bridge
Actual Fantasy
Age Of Shadows
All That Was
Amazing Flight
And The Druids Turn To Stone
Another Time, Another Space
Anthropic Landscape
Aquatic Race
August Fire
Ayreon's Fate: 1) Ayreon's Fate 2) Merlin's Prophecy 3) Epilogue
Back On Planet Earth
Bay Of Dreams
Beneath The Waves
Beyond The Last Horizon
Carried By The Wind
Come Back To Me
Computer Eyes
Computer-Reign (Game Over)
Condemned To Live
Connect The Dots
Cosmic Fusion
Dark Energy
Dark Medicine
Dawn Of A Million Souls
Day Eight: School
Day Eighteen: Realization
Day Eleven: Love
Day Fifteen: Betrayal
Day Five: Voices
Day Four: Mystery
Day Fourteen: Pride
Day Nine: Playground
Day Nineteen: Disclosure
Day One: Vigil
Day Seven: Hope
Day Seventeen: Accident?
Day Six: Childhood
Day Sixteen: Loser
Day Ten: Memories
Day Thirteen: Sign
Day Three: Pain
Day Twelve: Trauma
Day Twenty: Confrontation
Day Two: Isolation
Deathcry Of A Race
Dragon On The Sea
E = m≤
Elected (Ayreon vs. Avantasia)
Everybody Dies
Evil Devolution
Eyes Of Time
Farside Of The World
Frequency Modulation
How You Gonna See Me Now
Into The Black Hole
Into The Ocean
Isis And Osiris
Journey On The Waves Of Time
Journey To Forever
Liquid Eternity
Listen To The Waves
Love And Envy
Magic Ride
March Of The Machines
Merlin's Will
Mirror Of Dreams
My House On Mars
Nature's Dance
Newborn Race
No Quarter
One Small Step
Out Of The White Hole
Planet Y Is Alive!
Progressive Waves
Prologue: 1) The Time Telepathy Experiment 2) Overture 3) Ayreon's Quest
Prologue: Blackboard
Quantum Chaos
Quid pro quo
Ride The Comet
River Of Time
Run! Apocalypse! Run!
Sail Away To Avalon
Sea Of Machines
Side Effects
Space Oddity
Star Of Sirrah
String Theory
Surface Tension
Swan Song
Temple Of The Cat
The Awareness: 1) The Premonition 2) Dreamtime (Words Become A Song) 3) The Awakening
The Banishment: 1) A New Dawn 2) The Gathering 3) The Accusation 4) The Banishment 5) Oblivion
The Breakthrough
The Castle Hall
The Charm Of The Seer
The Consultation
The Dawn Of Man
The Day That The World Breaks Down
The Decision Tree (We're Alive)
The Dream Dissolves
The Dream Sequencer
The Eleventh Dimension
The Fifth Extinction
The First Man On Earth
The Garden Of Emotions
The Gift
The Human Compulsion
The Lighthouse
The Mirror Maze
The New Migrator
The Note
The Parting
The Prediction
The Prodigy's World
The Rival's Dilemma
The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq
The Sixth Extinction
The Source Will Flow
The Stranger From Within
The Teacher's Discovery
The Truth Is In Here
The Two Gates
The Uncertainty Principle
The Visitation
Theory Of Everything
Through The Wormhole
Time Beyond Time
To The Quasar
To The Solar System
Tower Of Hope
Tunnel Of Light
Unnatural Selection
Valley Of The Queens
Waking Dreams
Web Of Lies
Welcome To The New Dimension
When I'm Sixty-Four
Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy

Albums van Ayreon

Actual Fantasy
Actual Fantasy Revisited
Ayreonauts Only
Electric Castle Live And Other Tales
Flight Of The Migrator
Into The Electric Castle
Limited Edition 7" [EP]
Live In The Real World (Stream Of Passion feat. Ayreon)
The Dream Sequencer
The Final Experiment
The Human Equation
The Source
The Theater Equation
The Theory Of Everything
Universal Migrator Part I & II
Universal Migrator Part: 1 - The Dream Sequencer
Universal Migrator Part: 2 - Flight Of The Migrator
Universe - Best Of Ayreon Live

DVDs van Ayreon

Live In The Real World (Stream Of Passion feat. Ayreon)
The Theater Equation
Universe - Best Of Ayreon Live

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