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Addrisi BrothersSomebody Found Her (Before I Lost Her)1973Producer
AlessiBig Deal (Live Without You)1976Producer
AlessiDo You Feel It?1976Producer
AlessiI Was So Sure1976Producer
AlessiOh, Lori1976Producer
AlessiToo Long To Forget1976Producer
AlessiYou Can Have It Back1976Producer
Andy DesmondEach And Every Day1978Producer
Andy DesmondHole In The Wall1978Producer
Barbara DicksonBenny Gee1978Producer
Barbara DicksonCity To City
Coverversie van Gerry Rafferty - City To City
Barbara DicksonFallen Angel1978Producer
Barbara DicksonJesus Train1978Producer
Barbara DicksonLight As A Feather1978Producer
Barbara DicksonMagic Man1978Producer
Barbara DicksonSaint Joan1978Producer
Barbara DicksonSecond Sight1978Producer
Barbara DicksonSweet Oasis1978Producer
Barbara DicksonTalk To You1978Producer
Barry McGuireSloop John B1965Muziek/Tekst
Jan & DeanSting Ray1963Muziek/Tekst
Juice Newton & Silver SpurCatwillow River1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurIt's High Time1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurJust Remember Who Your Friends Are1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurLove Is A Word1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurRoll On, Truckers1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurStand By Me, Jesus1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurThe Shelter Of Your Love1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurWon't You Stay (Just A Little Bit Longer)?1975Producer
Juice Newton & Silver SpurYou Please Me1975Producer
Laura NyroSave The Country1968Producer
Lucio BattistiA Song To Feel Alive1977Producer
Lucio BattistiAmarsi un po'1977Producer
Lucio BattistiAmi ancora Elisa1977Producer
Lucio BattistiHo un anno di piý1977Producer
Lucio BattistiKeep On Cruising1977Producer
Lucio BattistiL'interprete di un film1977Producer
Lucio BattistiNeanche un minuto di "non amore"1977Producer
Lucio BattistiOnly1977Producer
Lucio BattistiQuestione di cellule1977Producer
Lucio BattistiSž, viaggiare1977Producer
Lucio BattistiSoli1977Producer
Lucio BattistiThe Only Thing I've Lost1977Producer
Lucio BattistiThe Sun Song
Coverversie van Lucio Battisti - La canzone del sole
Lucio BattistiThere's Never Been A Moment1977Producer
Lucio BattistiTo Feel In Love1977Producer
Lyme & CybelleFollow Me1966Producer
Martin MullBernie Don't Disco1979Producer
Martin MullBun And Run (No. 1) ("Daddy's Back")1979Producer
Martin MullBun And Run (No. 3) ("Happy Cows")1979Producer
Martin MullDon't Put Off 'Til Tomorrow1979Producer
Martin MullI Found It1979Producer
Martin MullIt's All Behind Me Now1979Producer
Martin MullLife Is Better Than Death1979Producer
Martin MullPig In A Blanket1979Producer
Martin MullThe Fruit Song1979Producer
Martin MullThis Takes The Cake1979Producer
Marty McFly & The StarlightersJohnny B. Goode
Coverversie van Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Marvin Berry & The StarlightersEarth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
Coverversie van The Penguins - Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
Marvin Berry & The StarlightersNight Train1985Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Hey Look At The Sun1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77I Can See Clearly Now1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77I Won't Last A Day Without You1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Killing Me Softly With His Song
Coverversie van Lori Lieberman - Killing Me Softly With His Song
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Love Music1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Put A Little Love Away1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Walk The Way You Talk1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77Where Is The Love1973Producer
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77You Can't Dress Up A Broken Heart1973Producer
Shelly ManneFrank's Tune1966Producer
Shelly ManneIdle One1966Producer
Shelly ManneMargie1966Producer
Shelly ManneThe Breeze And I1966Producer
Shelly ManneWandering1966Producer
Shelly ManneYou Name It1966Producer
Shirley JonesAin't Love Easy1972Producer
The 5th Dimension(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All1971Producer
The 5th DimensionA Change Is Gonna Come / People Gotta Be Free1970Producer
The 5th DimensionA Love Like Ours1970Producer
The 5th DimensionAll Kinds Of People
Coverversie van Burt Bacharach - All Kinds Of People
The 5th DimensionAquarius / Let The Sunshine In 1969Producer
The 5th DimensionAshes To Ashes
Coverversie van Dennis Lambert - Ashes To Ashes
The 5th DimensionBand Of Gold
Coverversie van Don Cherry - Band Of Gold
The 5th DimensionBlack Patch
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Blackpatch
The 5th DimensionBlowing Away
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Blowing Away
The 5th DimensionBobbie's Blues (Who Do You Think Of)1968Producer
The 5th DimensionBorder Song
Coverversie van Elton John - Border Song
The 5th DimensionBroken Wing Bird1968Producer
The 5th DimensionCalifornia Soul
Coverversie van The Messengers - California Soul
The 5th DimensionCarpet Man
Coverversie van Johnny Rivers - Carpet Man
The 5th DimensionChanged1973Producer
The 5th DimensionChissŗ se tornerŗ1968Producer
The 5th DimensionDay By Day
Coverversie van Robin Lamont - Day By Day
The 5th DimensionDiggin' For A Livin'1973Producer
The 5th DimensionDimension 51970Producer
The 5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya
Coverversie van Wynton Kelly Trio - Dont'cha Hear Me Callin' To Ya
The 5th DimensionDreams /Pax / Nepenthe1968Producer
The 5th DimensionEli's Coming
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Eli's Comin'
The 5th DimensionEvery Night
Coverversie van Paul McCartney - Every Night
The 5th DimensionEverything's Been Changed
Coverversie van Paul Anka - Everything's Been Changed
The 5th DimensionFeelin' Alright
Coverversie van Traffic - Feelin' Alright?
The 5th DimensionFlashback
Coverversie van Alan O'Day - Flashback
The 5th DimensionGood News1968Producer
The 5th DimensionGuess Who
Coverversie van Jesse Belvin - Guess Who
The 5th DimensionHalf Moon
Coverversie van Janis Joplin - Half Moon
The 5th DimensionHe's A Runner
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - He's A Runner
The 5th DimensionHouse For Sale
Coverversie van Johnny Mathis - House For Sale
The 5th DimensionI Don't Know How To Look For Love
Coverversie van Ralph Graham - I Don't Know How To Look For Love
The 5th DimensionI Just Wanna Be Your Friend1971Producer
The 5th DimensionI Want To Take You Higher1972Producer
The 5th DimensionIf I Could Reach You1972Producer
The 5th DimensionIt'll Never Be The Same Again1968Producer
The 5th DimensionIt's A Great Life1968Producer
The 5th DimensionLeave A Little Room1972Producer
The 5th DimensionLet It Be Me
Coverversie van Gilbert Bťcaud - Je t'appartiens
The 5th DimensionLet Me Be Lonely
Coverversie van Dionne Warwick - Let Me Be Lonely
The 5th DimensionLight Sings
Coverversie van The Sweet Inspirations - Light Sings
The 5th DimensionLiving Together, Growing Together
Coverversie van Tony Bennett with The Mike Curb Congregation - Living Together, Growing Together
The 5th DimensionLove Medley (What The World Needs Now Is Love / All You Need Is Love / Have You Tried Love?)1971Producer
The 5th DimensionLove's Lines, Angels And Rhymes1971Producer
The 5th DimensionLovin' Stew1968Producer
The 5th DimensionNever My Love
Coverversie van The Association - Never My Love
The 5th DimensionOde To Billy Joe
Coverversie van Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe
The 5th DimensionOn The Beach (In The Summertime)1970Producer
The 5th DimensionOne Less Bell To Answer
Coverversie van Keely Smith - One Less Bell To Answer
The 5th DimensionOpen Your Window
Coverversie van Ella Fitzgerald - Open Your Window
The 5th DimensionOrange Air1968Producer
The 5th DimensionPaper Cup1967Producer
The 5th DimensionPuppet Man1970Producer
The 5th DimensionRequiem: 820 Latham1968Producer
The 5th DimensionSalty Tears
Coverversie van John Rowles - Salty Tears
The 5th DimensionSave The Country
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Save The Country
The 5th DimensionShake Your Tambourine1971Producer
The 5th DimensionSkinny Man1969Producer
The 5th DimensionSky And Sea1972Producer
The 5th DimensionSoul And Inspiration
Coverversie van The Righteous Brothers - (You're My) Soul And Inspiration
The 5th DimensionStoned Soul Picnic
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Stoned Soul Picnic
The 5th DimensionSummer's Daughter1968Producer
The 5th DimensionSunshine Of Your Love
Coverversie van Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
The 5th DimensionSweet Blindness
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Sweet Blindness
The 5th DimensionThe Declaration1970Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Eleventh Song (What A Groovy Day)1968Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Girls' Song1968Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Hideaway1969Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Magic Garden1967Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Rainmaker
Coverversie van Nilsson - Rainmaker
The 5th DimensionThe River Witch1972Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Sailboat Song1968Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Singer1971Producer
The 5th DimensionThe Winds Of Heaven
Coverversie van Jackie Cain & Roy Kral - Winds Of Heaven
The 5th DimensionThe Worst That Could Happen1968Producer
The 5th DimensionThere Never Was A Day1973Producer
The 5th DimensionThere's Nothin' Like Music1973Producer
The 5th DimensionThis Is Your Life
Coverversie van Buddy Greco - This Is Your Life
The 5th DimensionThose Where The Days
Coverversie van Alexander Vertinsky - Dorogoi dlinnoyu / Дорогой длинною
The 5th DimensionTicket To Ride
Coverversie van The Beatles - Ticket To Ride
The 5th DimensionTime And Love
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Time And Love
The 5th DimensionTogether Let's Find Love1971Producer
The 5th DimensionTomorrow Belongs To The Children
Coverversie van Johnny Hammond - Tomorrow Belongs To The Children
The 5th DimensionTurn Around To Me1972Producer
The 5th DimensionViva! (Viva Tirado)
Coverversie van Gerald Wilson Big Band - Viva Tirado
The 5th DimensionWedding Bell Blues
Coverversie van Laura Nyro - Wedding Bell Blues
The 5th DimensionWhat Do I Need To Be Me
Coverversie van Don Ho - What Do I Need To Be Me
The 5th DimensionWhat Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
Coverversie van Jr. Walker & The All Stars - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
The 5th DimensionWorkin' On A Groovy Thing
Coverversie van Patti Drew - Workin' On A Groovy Thing
The 5th DimensionWoyaya1973Producer
The Alessi BrothersDon't Hold Back1976Producer
The Alessi BrothersSad Songs1976Producer
The AssociationAcross The Persian Gulf1981Producer
The AssociationBarefoot Gentleman1968Producer
The AssociationBirthday Morning1968Producer
The AssociationCome On In1968Producer
The AssociationDreamer1980Producer
The AssociationEverything That Touches You1967Producer
The AssociationHappiness1967Producer
The AssociationHear In Here1968Producer
The AssociationLike Always1968Producer
The AssociationNever My Love1967Producer
The AssociationOn A Quiet Night1967Producer
The AssociationReputation1967Producer
The AssociationRequiem For The Masses1967Producer
The AssociationRose Petals, Incense And A Kitten1968Producer
The AssociationSmall Town Lovers1981Producer
The AssociationSometime1967Producer
The AssociationThe Bus Song1968Producer
The AssociationThe Time Is Today1968Producer
The AssociationTime For Livin'1968Producer
The AssociationToymaker1968Producer
The AssociationWantin' Ain't Gettin'1967Producer
The AssociationWasn't It Bit Like Now1967Producer
The AssociationWe Love Us1967Producer
The AssociationWhen Love Comes To Me1967Producer
The AssociationWindy1967Producer
The AssociationYou Turn The Light On1980Producer
The Everpresent FullnessDarlin' You Can Count On Me1967Producer
The MobAll The Dudes Are Dancing1975Producer
The MobCan't Stop This Love Song1975Producer
The MobDon't Let It Get You Down1976Producer
The MobGemini Lady1977Producer
The MobGet It Up For Love1975Producer
The MobHot Music1975Producer
The MobJust One Good Woman1975Producer
The MobLove Connection1977Producer
The MobMagical Lady1975Producer
The MobRock And Roller1975Producer
The MobS.Y.A.1975Producer
The MobSky Surf1976Producer
The MobWhen You Get Right Down To It1975Producer
The MobWho's Foolin' Who1975Producer
The MonkeesSomeday Man1969Producer
The Motorcycle Abeline (Warren Zevon & Bones Howe)(You Used To) Ride So High2003Producer
The SandpipersA Gift Of Song1971Producer
The SandpipersA Song Of Joy1970Producer
The SandpipersAn Old Fashioned Love Song
Coverversie van Paul Williams - An Old Fashioned Love Song
The SandpipersChotto matte kudasai1971Producer
The SandpipersFree To Carry On1970Producer
The SandpipersNever Can Say Goodbye
Coverversie van Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye
The SandpipersThe Long And Winding Road
Coverversie van The Beatles - The Long And Winding Road
The TurtlesAll My Problems1966Producer
The TurtlesAlmost There1965Producer
The TurtlesCan I Get To Know You Better1966Producer
The TurtlesCome Back1966Producer
The TurtlesDown In Suburbia1966Producer
The TurtlesFlyin' High1966Producer
The TurtlesGive Love A Trial1966Producer
The TurtlesGrim Reaper Of Love1966Producer
The TurtlesHouse Of Pain1966Producer
The TurtlesI Know That You'll Be There1966Producer
The TurtlesI Need Someone1966Producer
The TurtlesIs It Any Wonder1967Producer
The TurtlesJust A Room1966Producer
The TurtlesLet Me Be1965Producer
The TurtlesMakin' My Mind Up1966Producer
The TurtlesOutside Chance1966Producer
The TurtlesPall Bearing, Ball Wearing World1966Producer
The TurtlesSo Goes Love1965Producer
The TurtlesWanderin' Kind1966Producer
The TurtlesWe'll Meet Again1965Producer
The TurtlesYou Baby1966Producer
Tom Waits$29.001978Producer
Tom Waits(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night1974Producer
Tom WaitsA Sight for Sore Eyes1977Producer
Tom WaitsA Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun1978Producer
Tom WaitsBad Liver And A Broken Heart1976Producer
Tom WaitsBetter Off Without A Wife1975Producer
Tom WaitsBig Joe And Phantom 3091975Producer
Tom WaitsBlue Valentines1978Producer
Tom WaitsBurma Shave1977Producer
Tom WaitsChristmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis1978Producer
Tom WaitsDepot, Depot1974Producer
Tom WaitsDiamonds On My Windshield1974Producer
Tom WaitsDowntown1980Producer
Tom WaitsDrunk On The Moon1974Producer
Tom WaitsEggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)1975Producer
Tom WaitsEmotional Weather Report1975Producer
Tom WaitsFumblin' With The Blues1974Producer
Tom WaitsHeartattack And Vine1980Producer
Tom WaitsI Can't Wait To Get Off Work1976Producer
Tom WaitsI Wish I Was In New Orleans1976Producer
Tom WaitsIn Shades1980Producer
Tom WaitsInvitation To The Blues1976Producer
Tom WaitsJersey Girl1980Producer
Tom WaitsJitterbug Boy1976Producer
Tom WaitsKentucky Avenue1978Producer
Tom WaitsMr. Henry1979Producer
Tom WaitsMr. Siegal1980Producer
Tom WaitsNew Coat Of Paint1974Producer
Tom WaitsNighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)1975Producer
Tom WaitsNobody1975Producer
Tom WaitsOn A Foggy Night1975Producer
Tom WaitsOn The Nickel1980Producer
Tom WaitsPasties And A G-String1976Producer
Tom WaitsPlease Call Me, Baby1974Producer
Tom WaitsPutnam County1975Producer
Tom WaitsRed Shoes By The Drugstore1978Producer
Tom WaitsRomeo Is Bleeding1978Producer
Tom WaitsRuby's Arms1980Producer
Tom WaitsSan Diego Serenade1974Producer
Tom WaitsSaving All My Love For You1980Producer
Tom WaitsSemi Suite1974Producer
Tom WaitsShiver Me Timbers1974Producer
Tom WaitsSmall Change1976Producer
Tom WaitsSomewhere
Coverversie van Reri Grist & Ensemble - Somewhere (Ballet)
Tom WaitsSpare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)1975Producer
Tom WaitsSpare Parts II1975Producer
Tom WaitsStep Right Up1976Producer
Tom WaitsThe Ghost Of Saturday Night (After Hours At Napoleone's Pizza House)1974Producer
Tom WaitsThe One That Got Away1976Producer
Tom WaitsThe Piano Has Been Drinking1976Producer
Tom Waits'Til The Money Runs Out1980Producer
Tom WaitsTom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)1976Producer
Tom WaitsWarm Beer And Cold Women1975Producer
Tom WaitsWhistlin' Past The Graveyard1978Producer
Tom WaitsWrong Side Of The Road1978Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleBroken Bicycles1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleCircus Girl1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleI Beg You Pardon1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleIs There Any Way Out of This Dream?1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleLittle Boy Blue1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleOld Boyfriends1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleOpening Montage: Tom's Piano Intro / Once Upon A Town1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GaylePicking Up After You1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GaylePresents1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleTake Me Home1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleThe Tango1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleThis One's From The Heart1982Producer
Tom Waits & Crystal GayleYou Can't Unring A Bell1982Producer
Tom Waits with Bette MidlerI Never Talk To Strangers1977Producer
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