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Ann WilsonThe Best Man In The World1986Producer
Bad EnglishDancing Off The Edge Of The World1991Producer
Bad EnglishLife At The Top1991Producer
Bad EnglishMake Love Last1991Producer
Bad EnglishPray For Rain1991Producer
Bad EnglishPrice Of Love1989Producer
Bad EnglishRebel Say A Prayer1991Producer
Bad EnglishSavage Blue1991Producer
Bad EnglishSo This Is Eden1991Producer
Bad EnglishStraight To Your Heart1991Producer
Bad EnglishThe Time Alone With You1991Producer
Bad English feat. John WaiteTime Stood Still1991Producer
CherWhenever You're Near1992Producer
ChicagoChasin' The Wind1991Producer
ChicagoGod Save The Queen1991Producer
ChicagoHoldin' On1991Producer
ChicagoI Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love1988Producer
ChicagoIf It Were You1991Producer
ChicagoLook Away1988Producer
ChicagoMan To Woman1991Producer
ChicagoOne From The Heart1991Producer
ChicagoOnly Time Can Heal The Wounded1991Producer
ChicagoSomebody, Somewhere1991Producer
ChicagoWe Can Last Forever1988Producer
ChicagoWhat Does It Take1991Producer
ChicagoWho Do You Love1991Producer
ChicagoYou Come To My Senses1991Producer
ChicagoYou're Not Alone1988Producer
Damn YankeesBad Reputation1990Producer
Damn YankeesCome Again1990Producer
Damn YankeesComing Of Age1990Producer
Damn YankeesDamn Yankees1990Producer
Damn YankeesDirty Dog1992Producer
Damn YankeesDon't Tread On Me1992Producer
Damn YankeesDouble Coyote1992Producer
Damn YankeesFifteen Minutes Of Fame1992Producer
Damn YankeesFirefly1992Producer
Damn YankeesMister Please1992Producer
Damn YankeesMystified1990Producer
Damn YankeesRock City1990Producer
Damn YankeesRunaway1990Producer
Damn YankeesSilence Is Broken1992Producer
Damn YankeesSomeone To Believe1992Producer
Damn YankeesTell Me How You Want It1990Producer
Damn YankeesThis Side Of Hell1992Producer
Damn YankeesUprising1992Producer
Damn YankeesWhere You Goin' Now1992Producer
Dave MasonAll Gotta Go Somtime1978Producer
Dave MasonBird On The Wing1978Producer
Dave MasonDon't It Make You Wonder1978Producer
Dave MasonLet It Go, Let It Flow1977Producer
Dave MasonMystic Traveler1977Producer
Dave MasonNo Dought About It1978Producer
Dave MasonSearchin' (For A Feeling)1978Producer
Dave MasonSeasons1977Producer
Dave MasonShare Your Love1978Producer
Dave MasonSo Good To Be Home1978Producer
Dave MasonSo High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away)1977Producer
Dave MasonSpend Your Life With Me1977Producer
Dave MasonTakin' The Time To Find1977Producer
Dave MasonThe Words1978Producer
Dave MasonThen It's Alright1977Producer
Dave MasonWarm And Tender Love
Coverversie van Joe Haywood - Warm And Tender Love
Dave MasonWarm Desire1978Producer
Dave MasonWe Just Disagree1977Producer
Dave MasonWhat Do We Got Here?1977Producer
Dave MasonWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Coverversie van The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Dave MasonYou Just Have To Wait Now1977Producer
David JohansenDonna1982Producer
David JohansenStranded In The Jungle
Coverversie van The Jayhawks [1950s] - Stranded In The Jungle
Eddie MoneyGet A Move On1979Producer
Eddie MoneyMillion Dollar Girl1980Producer
Eddie MoneyNobody Knows1980Producer
Eddie MoneyRunning Back1980Producer
Eddie MoneySatin Angel1980Producer
Eddie MoneyThe Wish1980Producer
Eddie MoneyTrinidad1980Producer
Eddie MoneyWhen You Took My Heart1980Producer
Eddie Money & Valerie CarterLet's Be Lovers Again1980Producer
EuropeCoast To Coast1988Producer
EuropeJust The Beginning1988Producer
EuropeLet The Good Times Rock1988Producer
EuropeLights & Shadows1988Producer
EuropeMore Than Meets The Eye1988Producer
EuropeNever Say Die1988Producer
EuropeOpen Your Heart
Coverversie van Europe - Open Your Heart (Original Version)
EuropeReady Or Not1988Producer
EuropeSign Of The Times1988Producer
EuropeTower's Callin'1988Producer
FoghatAngel Of Mercy1998Producer
FoghatTear You Down1998Producer
HeartAll Eyes1985Producer
Coverversie van i-TEN - Alone
HeartBad Animals1987Producer
HeartEasy Target1987Producer
HeartHeart Of Darkness1985Producer
HeartI Want You So Bad1987Producer
HeartIf Looks Could Kill1985Producer
HeartMagic Man (Live)1987Producer
HeartNobody Home1985Producer
HeartNothin' At All1985Producer
HeartShell Shock1985Producer
HeartStrangers Of The Heart1987Producer
HeartThe Wolf1985Producer
HeartThere's The Girl1987Producer
HeartThese Dreams1985Producer
HeartWait For An Answer
Coverversie van Dalbello - Wait For An Answer
HeartWhat About Love1985Producer
HeartWhat He Don't Know1985Producer
HeartWho Will You Run To1987Producer
HeartYou Ain't So Tough1987Producer
Jefferson AirplaneCommon Market Madrigal1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneFreedom1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneIce Age1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneMadeleine Street1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneNow Is The Time1989Producer
Jefferson AirplanePanda1989Producer
Jefferson AirplanePlanes1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneSolidarity1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneSummer Of Love1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneThe Wheel1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneToo Many Years1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneTrue Love1989Producer
Jefferson AirplaneUpfront Blues1989Producer
Jefferson StarshipAlien1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipAssassin1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipAwakening1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipChampion1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipConnection1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipFading Lady Light1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipFind Your Way Back1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipFree1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipFreedom At Point Zero1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipGirl With The Hungry Eyes1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipJane1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipJust The Same1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipLayin' It On The Line1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipLightning Rose1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipLive And Let Live1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipMagician1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipMary1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipModern Times1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipNo Way Out1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipRock Music1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipRose Goes To Yale1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipSave Your Love1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipShining In The Moonlight1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipShowdown1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipSorry Me, Sorry You1984Producer
Jefferson StarshipStairway To Cleveland1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipStranger1981Producer
Jefferson StarshipThings To Come1979Producer
Jefferson StarshipWild Eyes1981Producer
Joe CockerHeart Of The Matter1985Producer
Joe CockerLiving Without Your Love1985Producer
John WaiteDeal For Life1990Producer
John WettonBattle Lines1994Producer
John WettonCrime Of Passion1994Producer
John WettonHold Me Now1994Producer
John WettonJane1994Producer
John WettonRight Where I Wanted To Be1994Producer
John WettonSand In My Hand1994Producer
John WettonSea Of Mercy1994Producer
John WettonSpace And Time1994Producer
John WettonWalking On Air1994Producer
John WettonYou're Not The Only One1994Producer
KISSBang Bang You1987Producer
KISSCrazy Crazy Nights1987Producer
KISSGood Girl Gone Bad1987Producer
KISSHell Or High Water1987Producer
KISSI'll Fight Hell To Hold You1987Producer
KISSMy Way1987Producer
KISSNo, No, No1987Producer
KISSReason To Live1987Producer
KISSThief In The Night1987Producer
KISSTurn On The Night1987Producer
KISSWhen Your Walls Come Down1987Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdEdge Of Forever1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdFLA1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdFull Moon Night1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdG.W.T.G.G.1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdGone Fishin'1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdMean Streets1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdMoney Back Guarantee1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdPreacher Man1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdRough Around the Edges1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdThrough It All1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdTomorrow's Goodbye1999Producer
Lynyrd SkynyrdWorkin'1974Producer
Meat LoafAmnesty Is Granted1995Producer
Meat LoafFiesta de las almas perdidas1995Producer
Meat LoafLeft In The Dark
Coverversie van Jim Steinman - Left In The Dark
Meat LoafMartha1995Producer
Meat LoafNot A Dry Eye In The House1995Producer
Meat LoafOriginal Sin
Coverversie van Pandora's Box - Original Sin (The Natives Are Restless Tonight)
Meat LoafRunnin' For The Red Light (I Gotta Life)1995Producer
Meat LoafWhere Angels Sing1995Producer
Meat LoafWhere The Rubber Meets The Road1995Producer
Meat Loaf & Patti RussoIf This Is The Last Kiss (Let's Make It Last All Night)1995Producer
Melissa ManchesterDon't Let Me Walk This Road Alone1994Producer
Melissa ManchesterHeart Of Love1994Producer
Melissa ManchesterIf My Heart Had Wings1994Producer
Melissa ManchesterWalk On By
Coverversie van Dionne Warwick - Walk On By
Michael Schenker GroupAre You Ready To Rock1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupAttack Of The Mad Axeman1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupBack To Life1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupBrave New World1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupBut I Want More1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupCry No More1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupDown The Drain1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupEssenz1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupI Believe1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupI Will Be There1995Producer
Michael Schenker GroupLet Sleeping Dogs Lie1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupLooking For Love1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupLove Never Dies1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupNever Trust A Stranger1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupOn And On1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupReady To Rock1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupSecondary Motion1981Producer
Michael Schenker GroupSweet Cool Kiss Of The Night1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupTake Me Through The Night1996Producer
Michael Schenker GroupWritten In The Sand1996Producer
Night RangerAnything For You1997Producer
Night RangerAs Always I Remain1997Producer
Night RangerForever All Over Again1997Producer
Night RangerI Don't Call This Love1997Producer
Night RangerMy Elusive Mind1997Producer
Night RangerNeverland1997Producer
Night RangerNew York Time1997Producer
Night RangerSlap Like Being Born1997Producer
Night RangerSomeday I Will1997Producer
Night RangerSunday Morning1997Producer
Night RangerWalk In The Future1997Producer
Ozzy OsbourneFool Like You1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneKiller Of Giants1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneLightning Strikes1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneNever1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneNever Know Why1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneSecret Loser1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneShot In The Dark1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneThank God For The Bomb1986Producer
Ozzy OsbourneThe Ultimate Sin1986Producer
Paul Raymond ProjectPublic Enemy No. 11995Producer
Rex SmithCamouflage1983Producer
Rex SmithDon't Talk1983Producer
Rex SmithGet It Right1983Producer
Rex SmithIn The Heat Of The Night1983Producer
Rex SmithLove With A Perfect Stranger1983Producer
Rex SmithNew Romeo1983Producer
Rex SmithReal Love1983Producer
Rex SmithRoll Me1983Producer
Rex SmithTears1983Producer
Rex SmithTwo Hearts1983Producer
StarshipDon't Lose Any Sleep
Coverversie van John Waite - Don't Lose Any Sleep
SurvivorAs Soon As Love Finds Me1979Producer
SurvivorBackstreet Love Affair1986Producer
SurvivorBroken Promises1984Producer
SurvivorCan't Getcha Offa My Mind1979Producer
SurvivorCan't Let You Go1986Producer
SurvivorFirst Night1984Producer
SurvivorHigh On You1984Producer
SurvivorHow Much Love1986Producer
SurvivorI Can't Hold Back1984Producer
SurvivorI See You In Everyone1984Producer
SurvivorIn Good Faith1986Producer
SurvivorIs This Love1986Producer
SurvivorIt's The Singer Not The Song1984Producer
SurvivorKeep It Right Here1986Producer
SurvivorLet It Be Now1979Producer
SurvivorLove Has Got Me1979Producer
SurvivorMan Against The World1986Producer
SurvivorMoment Of Truth1984Producer
SurvivorNothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love)1979Producer
SurvivorPopular Girl1984Producer
SurvivorRebel Son1986Producer
SurvivorSomewhere In America1979Producer
SurvivorThe Search Is Over1984Producer
SurvivorThe Ultimate Survival Mix1985Producer
SurvivorWhatever It Takes1979Producer
SurvivorWhen Seconds Count1986Producer
SurvivorWhole Town's Talkin'1979Producer
Susan Wood45 Seconds Of Ecstacy1995Producer
The BabysA Piece Of The Action1977Producer
The BabysAnd If You Could See Me Fly1977Producer
The BabysBroken Heart1977Producer
The BabysCalifornia1978Producer
The BabysEverytime I Think Of You1978Producer
The BabysGive Me Your Love1977Producer
The BabysHead First1978Producer
The BabysI Was One1978Producer
The BabysI'm Falling1977Producer
The BabysIsn't It Time1977Producer
The BabysLove Don't Prove I'm Right1978Producer
The BabysMoney1978Producer
The BabysPlease Don't Leave Me1978Producer
The BabysRescue Me1977Producer
The BabysRun To Mexico1978Producer
The BabysSilver Dreams1977Producer
The BabysThe Golden Mile1977Producer
The BabysWhite Lightning1978Producer
The BabysWrong Or Right1977Producer
The BabysYou (Got It)1978Producer
Thin LizzyBanshee1974Producer
Thin LizzyDear Heart1974Producer
Thin LizzyFrankie Carroll1974Producer
Thin LizzyIt's Only Money1974Producer
Thin LizzyNight Life1974Producer
Thin LizzyPhilomena1974Producer
Thin LizzySha La La1974Producer
Thin LizzyShe Knows1974Producer
Thin LizzyShowdown1974Producer
Thin LizzyStill In Love With You1974Producer
Tony HadleyFever1992Producer
Tony HadleyFor Your Blue Eyes Only1992Producer
Tony HadleyFreewheel1992Producer
Tony HadleyJust The Thought Of You1992Producer
Tony HadleyLost In Your Love1992Producer
Tony HadleyNever Give Up On Love1992Producer
Tony HadleyOne Good Reason1992Producer
Tony HadleyRiverside1992Producer
Tony HadleySomebody Up There1992Producer
Tony HadleyThe Game Of Love1992Producer
Tony HadleyThis Time1992Producer
Tony HadleyYou Keep Me Coming Back For More
Coverversie van Climie Fisher - You Keep Me Coming Back For More
UFOA Self Made Man1995Producer
UFOAin't No Baby1978Producer
UFOAlone Again Or
Coverversie van Love - Alone Again Or
UFOArbory Hill1978Producer
UFOBorn To Lose1978Producer
UFODarker Days1995Producer
UFODoctor Doctor [New Version]
Coverversie van UFO - Doctor Doctor
UFODoctor, Doctor [Live]
Coverversie van UFO - Doctor Doctor
UFODreaming Of Summer1995Producer
UFOElectric Phase1977Producer
UFOFortune Town1995Producer
UFOGettin' Ready1977Producer
UFOHot' N Ready1978Producer
UFOJust Another Suicide1977Producer
UFOKnock, Knock1995Producer
UFOLights Out [New Version]1995Producer
UFOLights Out!1977Producer
UFOLookin' Out For No. 11978Producer
UFOLove To Love1977Producer
UFOMessage For Japan1995Producer
UFOOne More For The Rodeo1978Producer
UFOOnly You Can Rock Me1978Producer
UFOPack It Up (And Go)1978Producer
UFOPushed To The Limit1995Producer
UFORunning On Empty1995Producer
UFOShoot Shoot [Live]1978Producer
UFOStopped By A Bullet (Of Love)1995Producer
UFOToo Hot To Handle1977Producer
UFOTry Me1977Producer
UFOYou Don't Fool Me1978Producer
Vince NeilBlondes (Have More Fun)
Coverversie van Rod Stewart - Blondes (Have More Fun)
Vince NeilCan't Change Me1993Producer
Vince NeilCan't Have Your Cake1993Producer
Vince NeilFine, Fine Wine1993Producer
Vince NeilForever1993Producer
Vince NeilGettin' Hard1993Producer
Vince NeilI Wanna Be Sedated
Coverversie van Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Vince NeilLiving Is A Luxury1993Producer
Vince NeilLook In Her Eyes1993Producer
Vince NeilSet Me Free
Coverversie van The Sweet - Set Me Free
Vince NeilSister Of Pain1993Producer
Vince NeilThe Edge1993Producer
Vince NeilYou're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)1992Producer
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