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Tom Allom

Pseudoniemen / Alternatieve spelling: (Colonel) Tom Allom

Nummers van Tom Allom

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Andy Bown317 (Manhattan Blues)1977Producer
Andy BownBackstage Pass1977Producer
Andy BownBlood On The Keys1977Producer
Andy BownDrowned In Texas1977Producer
Andy BownFeeling Better1975Producer
Andy BownFine Rain1977Producer
Andy BownGood Enough Reason1977Producer
Andy BownI've Got God On The Phone1977Producer
Andy BownLove, Love, Love1977Producer
Andy BownNobody's Fool1977Producer
Andy BownSupersonic1975Producer
Andy BownThe Real Thing1977Producer
Andy BownToo Good To Last1977Producer
BelascoMoves Like Water2013Producer
Blazer BlazerCecil B. Devine1979Producer
Blazer BlazerSix O'Clock In The Morning1979Producer
Blazer BlazerWarsaw1979Producer
Cobra [US]Blood On Your Money1983Producer
Cobra [US]Danger Zone1983Producer
Cobra [US]Fallen Angel1983Producer
Cobra [US]First Strike1983Producer
Cobra [US]I've Been A Fool Before1983Producer
Cobra [US]Looking At You1983Producer
Cobra [US]Only You Can Rock Me1983Producer
Cobra [US]Thorn In Your Flesh1983Producer
Cobra [US]Travelin' Man1983Producer
Cobra [US]What Love Is1983Producer
DecameronAll The Best Wishes1975Producer
DecameronJourney's End1975Producer
DecameronMorning Glory
Coverversie van Tim Buckley - Morning Glory
DecameronRoad To The Sea1975Producer
DecameronRock and Roll Away1975Producer
DecameronThe Strawman1975Producer
DecameronThe Ungodly1975Producer
DecameronWide As The Years1975Producer
Def LeppardAnswer To The Master1979Producer
Def LeppardGood Morning Freedom1979Producer
Def LeppardHello America1979Producer
((Colonel) Tom Allom)
Def LeppardIt Could Be You1979Producer
Def LeppardIt Don't Matter1979Producer
Def LeppardOverture1979Producer
Def LeppardRock Brigade1979Producer
Def LeppardRocks Off1979Producer
Def LeppardSatellite1979Producer
Def LeppardSorrow Is A Woman1979Producer
Def LeppardWhen The Walls Came Tumbling Down1979Producer
FunnLiving With The Sun1978Producer
Hudson-FordAs Hours Go By1975Producer
Hudson-FordBurn Baby Burn1973Producer
Hudson-FordCrying Blues1973Producer
Hudson-FordDark Lord1973Producer
Hudson-FordDay Without Love1974Producer
Hudson-FordDid Worlds Collide1975Producer
Hudson-FordFloating In The Wind1974Producer
Hudson-FordFree Spirit1974Producer
Hudson-FordHello, I Thought You Were Dead1973Producer
Hudson-FordHow Many Times1974Producer
Hudson-FordI Don't Understand1973Producer
Hudson-FordI Don't Want To Be A Star1974Producer
Hudson-FordI Wanted You1973Producer
Hudson-FordJesus Said1975Producer
Hudson-FordKeep Me Roling1975Producer
Hudson-FordLet Her Crazy1973Producer
Hudson-FordMake No Mistake1973Producer
Hudson-FordMile High City1975Producer
Hudson-FordMother Mild1974Producer
Hudson-FordPetro Rock1975Producer
Hudson-FordPick Up The Pieces1973Producer
Hudson-FordSilent Star1974Producer
Hudson-FordSuch A Day1974Producer
Hudson-FordTake A Little Word1974Producer
Hudson-FordTake It Back1973Producer
Hudson-FordTea Leaf (To Joss)1973Producer
Hudson-FordThis Is Not The Way (To End A War Or To Die)1973Producer
Hudson-FordWhat Is A Day Without Love1975Producer
Hudson-FordWhen Love Has Overgrown1975Producer
Jack The LadLet It Be Me1976Producer
Jack The LadTrinidad1976Producer
Judas Priest(Take These) Chains1982Producer
Judas PriestAll Fired Up1986Producer
Judas PriestAll The Way1981Producer
Judas PriestBlood Red Skies1988Producer
Judas PriestBloodstone1982Producer
Judas PriestBreaking The Law1980Producer
Judas PriestChildren Of The Sun2018Producer
Judas PriestCome And Get It1988Producer
Judas PriestDefenders Of The Faith1983Producer
Judas PriestDesert Plains1981Producer
Judas PriestDevil's Child1982Producer
Judas PriestDiamonds And Rust [Live]1979Producer
Judas PriestDon't Go1981Producer
Judas PriestEat Me Alive1983Producer
Judas PriestElectric Eye1982Producer
Judas PriestEvil Never Dies2018Producer
Judas PriestFever1982Producer
Judas PriestFirepower2018Producer
Judas PriestFlame Thrower2018Producer
Judas PriestFreewheel Burning1983Producer
Judas PriestGrinder1980Producer
Judas PriestGuardians2018Producer
Judas PriestHard As Iron1988Producer
Judas PriestHeading Out To The Highway1981Producer
Judas PriestHeavy Duty1983Producer
Judas PriestHeavy Metal1988Producer
Judas PriestHot For Love1986Producer
Judas PriestHot Rockin'1981Producer
Judas PriestI'm A Rocker1988Producer
Judas PriestJawbreaker1983Producer
Judas PriestJohnny B Goode
Coverversie van Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Judas PriestLightning Strike2018Producer
Judas PriestLiving After Midnight1980Producer
Judas PriestLocked In1986Producer
Judas PriestLone Wolf2018Producer
Judas PriestLove Bites1983Producer
Judas PriestLove You To Death1988Producer
Judas PriestLove Zone1988Producer
Judas PriestMetal Gods1980Producer
Judas PriestMonsters Of Rock1988Producer
Judas PriestNecromancer2018Producer
Judas PriestNever The Heroes2018Producer
Judas PriestNight Comes Down1983Producer
Judas PriestNo Surrender2018Producer
Judas PriestOn The Run1981Producer
Judas PriestOut In The Cold1986Producer
Judas PriestPain And Pleasure1982Producer
Judas PriestParental Guidance1986Producer
Judas PriestPrisoner Of Your Eyes1982Producer
Judas PriestPrivate Property1986Producer
Judas PriestRam It Down1988Producer
Judas PriestRapid Fire1980Producer
Judas PriestReckless1986Producer
Judas PriestRed, White & Blue1980Producer
Judas PriestRiding On The Wind1982Producer
Judas PriestRising From Ruins2018Producer
Judas PriestRock Forever [Live]1979Producer
Judas PriestRock Hard Ride Free1983Producer
Judas PriestRock You All Around The World1979Producer
Judas PriestScreaming For Vengeance1982Producer
Judas PriestSea Of Red2018Producer
Judas PriestSinner (Live)1979Producer
Judas PriestSolar Angels1981Producer
Judas PriestSome Heads Are Gonna Roll1984Producer
Judas PriestSpectre2018Producer
Judas PriestSteeler1980Producer
Judas PriestThe Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (Live)
Coverversie van Fleetwood Mac - The Green Manalishi
Judas PriestThe Hellion1982Producer
Judas PriestThe Rage1980Producer
Judas PriestThe Sentinel1983Producer
Judas PriestThunder Road1981Producer
Judas PriestTraitors Gate2018Producer
Judas PriestTroubleshooter1981Producer
Judas PriestTurbo Lover1986Producer
Judas PriestTurn On Your Light1984Producer
Judas PriestTurning Circles1981Producer
Judas PriestUnited1980Producer
Judas PriestWild Nights, Hot And Crazy Days1986Producer
Judas PriestYou Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise1980Producer
Judas PriestYou Say Yes1981Producer
Judas PriestYou've Got Another Thing Comin'1982Producer
KixAtomic Bombs1981Producer
KixContrary Mary1981Producer
KixKix Are For Kids1981Producer
KixLove At First Sight1981Producer
KixThe Itch1981Producer
KixThe Kid1981Producer
KixYeah, Yeah, Yeah1981Producer
KrokusEat The Rich1983Producer
KrokusNight Wolf1983Producer
KrokusReady To Burn1983Producer
KrokusRussian Winter1983Producer
KrokusScreaming In The Night1983Producer
KrokusStand And Be Counted1983Producer
KrokusStayed Awake All Night
Coverversie van Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Stayed Awake All Night
KrokusWhite Din1983Producer
LoverboyBullet In The Chamber1985Producer
LoverboyDestination Heartbreak1985Producer
LoverboyFriday Night1985Producer
LoverboyLead A Double Life1985Producer
LoverboyLovin' Every Minute Of It1985Producer
LoverboySteal The Thunder1985Producer
LoverboyThis Could Be The Night1985Producer
LoverboyToo Much Too Soon1985Producer
Magnificent Mercury BrothersThe New Girl In School (Papa-Do-Run-Dee-Run)1975Producer
Magnificent Mercury BrothersWhat About Us
Coverversie van The Coasters - What About Us
Michael ChapmanBabe1979Producer
Michael ChapmanBlue Season1979Producer
Michael ChapmanEarly Cortina1979Producer
Michael ChapmanEnd Of The Line1979Producer
Michael ChapmanGamblers On The Shoreline1979Producer
Michael ChapmanHigh Wide And Handsome1978Producer
Michael ChapmanLescudjack1979Producer
Michael ChapmanLife On The Ceiling1979Producer
Michael ChapmanMidas In Reverse1979Producer
Michael ChapmanNo Thanks To Me1979Producer
Michael ChapmanThe Prospector1979Producer
Nantucket50 More1980Producer
NantucketIt's A Long Way To The Top
Coverversie van AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)
NantucketLiving With You1980Producer
NantucketMedia Darlin'1980Producer
NantucketOver And Over Again1980Producer
NantucketRock Of The 80's1980Producer
NantucketTell Me (Doctor Rhythm Method)1980Producer
NantucketTime Bomb1980Producer
NantucketToo Much Wrong In The Past (For A Future)1980Producer
NantucketTurn The Radio On1980Producer
Pat TraversBoom Boom (Out Go The Lights)1976Producer
Pat Travers BandBoom Boom (Out Go The Lights)1979Producer
Pat Travers BandBoom Boom (Out Goes The Lights) [Live]1979Producer
Pat Travers BandGettin' Betta1979Producer
Pat Travers BandGo All Night1979Producer
Pat Travers BandHeat In The Street1979Producer
Pat Travers BandHooked On Music1979Producer
Pat Travers BandMakes No Difference1979Producer
Pat Travers BandMakin' Magic1979Producer
Pat Travers BandStevie1979Producer
StrawbsA Mind Of My Own1975Producer
StrawbsAbsent Friend (How I Need You)1975Producer
StrawbsAutumn (Heroine's Theme / Deep Summer's Sleep / (Hold On To Me) The Winter Long)1974Producer
StrawbsBack On The Farm1975Producer
StrawbsDon't Try To Change Me1974Producer
StrawbsGrace Darling1974Producer
StrawbsHanging In The Gallery1975Producer
StrawbsHero And Heroine1974Producer
StrawbsHero's Theme1974Producer
StrawbsHold On To Me (The Winter Long)1974Producer
StrawbsJust Love1974Producer
StrawbsLay A Little Light On Me1974Producer
StrawbsLemon Pie1974Producer
StrawbsLittle Sleepy1975Producer
StrawbsMidnight Sun1974Producer
StrawbsOut In The Cold1974Producer
StrawbsRound And Round1974Producer
StrawbsSad Young Man1974Producer
StrawbsShine On Silver Sun1973Producer
StrawbsSo Shall Our Love Die1975Producer
StrawbsStarshine / Angel Wine1974Producer
StrawbsThe Golden Salamander1975Producer
StrawbsThe Life Auction1974Producer
StrawbsThe Promised Land1975Producer
StrawbsTo Be Free1975Producer
StrawbsTokyo Rosie1975Producer
StrawbsWhere Do You Go1974Producer
StrawbsWhere Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In1974Producer
StrawbsYou And I (When We Were Young)1974Producer
The TouristsAll Life's Tragedies1979Producer
The TouristsAngels And Demons1980Producer
The TouristsCircular Fever1979Producer
The TouristsDon't Say I Told You So1980Producer
The TouristsEverywhere You Look1979Producer
The TouristsFrom The Middle Room1980Producer
The TouristsI Only Want To Be With You
Coverversie van Dusty Springfield - I Only Want To Be With You
The TouristsI'm Going To Change My Mind1980Producer
The TouristsIn My Mind (There's Sorrow)1979Producer
The TouristsIn The Morning (When Madness Has Faded)1979Producer
The TouristsIt Doesn't Have To Be This Way1979Producer
The TouristsLet's Take A Walk1980Producer
The TouristsNothing To Do1979Producer
The TouristsOne Step Nearer The Edge1980Producer
The TouristsRound Round Blues1980Producer
The TouristsSo Good To Be Back Home Again1979Producer
The TouristsSo You Want To Go Away Now1980Producer
The TouristsSomething In The Air Tonight1979Producer
The TouristsSummers Night1979Producer
The TouristsTalk To Me1980Producer
The TouristsTime Drags So Slow1980Producer
The TouristsWalls And Foundations1980Producer
The TouristsWeekday1980Producer
Y&T(Your Love Is) Drivin' Me Crazy1984Producer
Y&TBreak Out Tonight!1984Producer
Y&TDon't Stop Runnin'1984Producer
Y&TGo For The Throat1985Producer
Y&TI'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know)1984Producer
Y&TLife, Life, Life1984Producer
Y&TLipstick And Leather1984Producer
Y&TMasters And Slaves1984Producer
Y&TRock & Roll's Gonna Save The World1984Producer
Y&TShe's A Liar1984Producer
Y&TThis Time1984Producer
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